How long do shocks last On A Car? (signs of bad shocks)

When vehicles become certain in meeting the demand of our daily life, wouldn’t you want a seamless interference with your vehicle?

Who wouldn’t want that!

Shocks are the core of balance, control, and overall performance of your vehicle. It is the shock that absorbs forces from every sector and provides smooth and issues less driving.

How long do shocks last? Shocks are designed to last longer, around 5-10 years, according to the intensity of the vehicle’s usage. The shock’s durability also indicates the lasting of the overall vehicle as well. A single serving of the shock can vary from 50000-100000 miles.

Let us know in detail.

how long do shocks last on a car
How long do shocks last on a car

How often should shocks be replaced? how long do they last?

Shocks are the prime component of a vehicle for which it becomes crucial for the shocks to last. Therefore, your car’s health and performance are directly and indirectly dependent on the shocks.

So how much a shock can last in the vehicle are depending on a couple of sectors for which it can be:

  • From 5-10 years, the shocks can last on your car. After that, it depends on the quality and frequency of use.
  • When you are a person who uses his car as a workhorse, the shocks can last no more than 5 years.
  • If you take intense care of your vehicle, then the shocks will be bound to last for more than 10 years.
  • So, and average period for your shocks to last on your car is 7-8 years.
  • The shocks wear out within 50000-100000 miles of traveling through your car.

How do you check shocks if it’s good or bad?

To check out your car’s shocks, whether it is good or bad first needs you to learn all about its features. That is to say, the importance of shocks is immense in your vehicle. However, this importance can only be recognized when the shocks start to dysfunctional.

 Some common aspects can notify you whether the shocks are well or wear out, which are:

  • Unusual experience while driving the car that includes controlling the steering and the breaks.
  • Differences during the acceleration and deceleration of the car are seen.
  • The vehicle starts to bounce and vibrate more than often.
  • The stability of the car is dismissed, and the vehicle becomes tough to handle.

Good shocks vs bad shock : 5 ways to tell >> Check out this video below:

Is it OK to drive without shocks?

No, if you are well aware of the role of a shock in the vehicle, then you would never think of such a question in the first place! However, you can go through the guide mentioned in the below section to know if it OK or not in driving a car without shocks:

  • Shocks control the motion of your car along with giving control to the movements. Without shocks, driving can not be a suitable option for the absence of these features.
  • Shocks stabilize your car and provide balance from excessive bouncing, for which you are not preferred to drive without shocks.
  • It is not OK to drive a car that lacks traction at the wheels, preventing the shocks.

How do I know if I have shocks or struts?

To identify between the shocks or struts, you have to understand the differences between them in the first place. Your car may have struts adjusted in it or a shock to perform almost the same kind of task that may leave you confused. Some differences between a shock and a strut are:

Struts are the structural part of your vehicle.Shocks are an external assembly of parts that accomplish the same job as a strut.
Struts are composed of numerous parts of the suspension.Shocks are the unique and individual part that works as the suspension of the vehicle.
The weight of the vehicle is supported by the struts.The shocks helps in absorbing the bump but doesn’t support the vehicle’s weight.

Should I replace all 4 shocks at the same time?

At the time of replacing the shocks in the vehicle, there is no ruling of replacing all four shocks at the same time. A guide about the replacement of the shocks are as follows:

  • The replacement of the shocks is usually suggested to be done in pairs.
  • The replacement of the shocks at pairs resembles replacing either the front shocks or the shocks of the rare wheels.
  • Besides, one can replace only the particular shock damaged by any means for the best of use.

Will new shocks make ride smoother?

Yes, actually, a new shock can leave significant differences in your vehicle’s performance and drive. The roles of new shocks in a smoother and better ride are:

  • The primary role of a shock is to provide a stable and smooth ride. And, the job is done way better through a new shock.
  • A new shock will provide you the experience from your vehicle that you achieved the very first time during the purchase.
  • A significant difference can be noticed during the vehicle’s acceleration, braking, and steering through the new shocks.

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How much does it cost to replace shocks?

The replacement of the old and the wear-out shocks comes with a price. However, this price always worth’s the investment for luring out the best performance from your vehicle. The costings for the replacement of shocks are:

  • Replacing an individual shock can cost you from $50 to $250. The range varies for a pair of shocks which is $250 to $600, respectively.
  • An additional charge is needed for the labor to replace, which is $100-$300.
  • In cases if all four shocks are replaced simultaneously, a good value of savings can be made.

Can bad shocks cause Tire wear?

Shocks found in your vehicle have got a lot of things to do with the wheels and tires. So the relation between tire wear and bad shocks are:

  • Nasty shocks are responsible for numerous problems in your vehicle that include a wear-out tire.
  • Due to a lack of a sound shock system, your vehicle becomes more tends to bounce. This excessive bouncing causes damage to the tires.
  •  Improper accelerations due to a terrible shock can also lead to tire wear.

Will bad shocks cause wheel hop?

One of the significant problems of a wear-out shock is the skipping of the wheel or wheel-hop. There are many reasons behind such problem which are:

  • Bad shocks cannot absorb the shock coming on the wheels. As a result, the wheels become subject to uneven pressure, and bouncing prevails on the vehicle.
  • A firm connection between the tires of the wheels and the ground surface is dismissed. This causes wheel-hop on the vehicles due to bad shocks.
  • If the power is more than the capacity of the power that a wheel can handle due to a bad shock, wheel-hop occurs.


Curiously, the lasting of the shocks in a car resembles the lasting of the car itself. Thus, the performance and life of both the shocks and the vehicle are interrelated. That is to say, if taken proper care of, the shocks in your car will serve for a great test of time that will also ensure the durability of your vehicle as well.

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