3 Common Problems With Ford F250 Fuel Tank Vent (Rebuild Cost)

Do you face any issues with the Ford F250 vehicle fuel tank vent? If yes, the system will hinder the airflow and can’t equalize the inside and outside air pressure. Before fixing the issue, it’s important to know the symptoms of a bad fuel tank vent.

What are the Ford F250 fuel tank vent problems? Blockage in the fuel tank vent, leaking vent valve or bushing, and damaging the fuel tank vent are some common issues that you may face there. So, how to fix them? It’s not too difficult to solve the issues yourself but an expert mechanic will give it the professional touch.

This article will guide you to get a clear idea of all the possible problems of the Ford F250 fuel tank vent with their solutions and repair costs. Keep scrolling! 

3 Most Common Ford F250 Fuel Tank Vent Problems chart

3 Most Common Ford F250 Fuel Tank Vent Problems

The fuel tank of the Ford F250 is vented by the check valve. After entering the fuel into the tank, air starts to move. Then vapor flows across the vent of the valve. 

Next, the vapor enters into the charcoal canister tube from where the vapor canister gathers all these. Guess the consequences of the faulty fuel tank vent? Several main problems that you may face with your Ford F250 fuel tank vent are-

  1. Blockage in the fuel tank vent
  2. Damage or leak vent valve or bushing
  3. Damaged or broken fuel tank

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3 Common Fuel Tank Vent problem Solutions on ford f250

The fuel tank of the Ford F250 car is situated under the vehicle that is close to the charcoal canister. That’s why the fuel tank and the valve may be rusted over time. Also, the piled debris may damage the valve. So, let’s discuss how to fix the bad Ford F250 vehicle fuel tank vent.

#1. Blockage in the Fuel Tank Vent – Remove Clogged Items

Dirt and debris may be piled on the fuel tank as well as on the vent line of the tank. During the winter, ice and snow will also build up there. These may clog the vent of the fuel tank or at least make the vent line narrow. 

You may also notice a little gas flows out from the vent line. It also causes pressure buildup in the tank due to the fuel trap to the vent line. 

Some of the symptoms of the F250 blocked fuel tank vent are poor performance, hard start, stalling, etc. The consequences might be catastrophic. So, how to fix the issue?

  • Step 1: If the vent has a partial clog, apply automotive lubricants like CRC 56 to the affected spot. 
  • Step 2: Scrub the place with an old toothbrush or other tools to clear off the clogged things. This will remove the clogged material partially. 
  • Step 3: You can also apply pressure to remove clogging.
  • Step 4: For heavy blockage, you can let air shots using a compressor.  Let the shot after taking apart the canister vent line from the gas tank. If you hear sound after shot, the line is okay now. otherwise, there is still blockage. In this case, you have to do some extra tasks.
  • Step 5: Try to insert plastic or wire through the fuel tank vent to know if there is any obstruction.
  • Step 6: Now drain out the fuel with the inner air. When it’s dry, try another air shot with the compressor. Hopefully, this will solve the blockage issue.

Depending upon the severity of the problem it may require $10 to $100 to remove the blockage of the fuel tank of the Ford F250 vehicle.

2. Damaging or Leaking Vent Valve or Bushing – Replace the Valve or Bushing

The fuel tank vent valve of the Ford F250 car might get damaged or leaked. This may cause due to corrosion of the valve. The rubber bushing aka gasket might also be leaking or damaged over time. 

If this happens, the fuel tank doesn’t work properly. To solve this, you have to replace the vent valve or bushing that is creating the problem. So how to do that?

  • Step 1: Detach the valve of the fuel tank.
  • Step 2: if the bushing is damaged or leaked, remove the old bushing.
  • Step 3: Install the new vent valve or rubber bushing. That’s it!

The rubber bushing is very affordable. Each one is available below $1. On the other hand, you can purchase a vent valve for between $ 10 to $500.

The following video shows how to replace the rubber bushing of the fuel tank vent for Ford F250 vehicles

#3. Damaged or Broken Fuel Tank – Replace the Fuel Tank

Ford F250 fuel tank might be broken or damaged after accidents, improper maintenance, or after reaching its lifespan. The faulty fuel tank may also cause problems with the vent. 

If the tank isn’t repairable, you have to replace the fuel tank. It’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s manual to replace the fuel tank. The steps are-

  • Step 1: Fuel out the tank completely and disconnect the battery.
  • Step 2: Lift the car using the jack stand. Also, push the tank slightly upward using the jack. You can put an old tire under the tank for safe removal.
  • Step 3: Detach the belts from the tank and disconnect all the electrical cables from the fuel pump.
  • Step 4: Loosen all the bolts that hold the tank and put grease or WD-40 in the nuts, bolts, and other necessary spots.
  • Step 5: Now the fuel tank is ready to free so remove it. You may need a hammer to do it. You can also remove the fuel lines as optional before detaching the tank.
  • Step 6: After removing the old tank now place the new fuel tank there. To install the tank, just reverse the removal process.

The average replacement cost of a Ford F250 fuel tank is between $150 to $500. If you take the car to the mechanic, you have to pay an extra $100 to $200 to replace the fuel vent tank.

Pro Tips: Don’t overlook the safety issue when replacing the fuel tank. So, wear gloves, goggles, and other necessary clothing. Other general tools and accessories you may require are a jack stand, an old tire, a mounting bar, a wrench, a screwdriver, a hammer, etc. 

How Much Does A Fuel Line Repair Cost?

Fuel hose replacement requires $60 to $120 on average if you do it by yourself. But if the mechanic repairs it, the total cost may vary between $120 to $500. The exact price depends on the vehicle model and the charge of mechanic.

The following table illustrates the fuel line repair cost.

CostDIY CostMechanic Cost
Parts Price$60 to $120$60 to $120
Labor Cost0 (your effort)$60 to $380
Total Cost$60 to $120$120 to $500

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

After discussing the key points of the problems and solutions of the Ford F250’s bad fuel tank vent, now you may have more queries regarding that. Here are some questions and answers.

How do you check your Ford F250 fuel tank vent?

Air shot using the compressor is an easy and effective way to know if the fuel tank vent is okay or not.

Are fuel tank vent valves universal?

There are some fuel tank vent valves that are universal. But most vent valves are designed for any specific car’s fuel tank.

Final Verdict

You may face Ford F250 fuel tank vent problems at any time. So, knowing the fixing tricks will keep you the upper hand. When you have any issue diagnose first why it’s happening, then follow the steps mentioned above to solve the issue.

And if you are unable to fix it alone, consult with an expert mechanic. After monitoring the fuel tank vent, he/she will suggest better. We hope, this article will be handy for you to decide how to start the fixing process if you face any issues with your Ford F250 fuel tank vent.

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