7 Most common Ford F150 Power Running Boards Problems

Ain’t it a pain in the neck if the power running board doesn’t deploy properly? Sometimes, old power boards freeze right in the middle, which is quite dangerous. Ford F150 power running boards problems can be quite severe, especially while speed driving, and getting out. 

For Ford F150 running boards, the problems may include the running board not opening, not closing, sudden activation, slow deploy, and so on. You may also experience uneven board level or noise while retracting or deploying. 

Today, we will go through all the things you need for a quick and easy f150 running board fix. In rare cases, you need to replace the board. You will know the replacement steps as well.

7 Most common Ford F150 Power Running Boards Problems

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Power running board problems  Possible solutions 
Board Won’t deploy1. Fixing loose wires
2. Fuse fix
3. Replacement of faulty sensor
4. Getting an aftermarket replacement
Board May Open While Driving/Unexpected deployment 1. Wiring harness repair 
2. Motor assembly replacement 
3. Getting an aftermarket replacement
Deploying Is Slow1. Replacement of the motor assembly 
2. Linkage repair
3. Lubricating the linkage
Clicking Noise When Deploying Or Retracting1. Fixing the motor or linkage
2. Lubricating the joints
Board May Not Be Level When Deployed1. Replacement of motor assembly, linkage, or brackets
2. Get an aftermarket board replacement 

Why Is The Ford F150 Power Running Boards Not Working?

The Ford F150 power running boards are not working because there may be loose wirings, faulty motor, or the sensor went bad. You can try fixing the wiring by opening the sensor board and also lubricating the linkage.

In rare cases, you need to replace the whole power running board with a new one. 

7 Most common Ford F150 Power Running Boards Problems

A faulty power running board can bring with it a lot of problems. Some even got their ankles broken when the board deployed slowly. Here are some common running board problems and their possible causes: 

1. Board Won’t deploy

Loose wires can cause the board to not deploy after opening the door. You may also face a faulty sensor problem and replacement is the only option. However, a problem in the switch or fuse can also make the board not deploy. 

2. Board Stays Out

In this case too, the sensor or the switch is damaged. Faulty sensors will stop the flow of power to the motor, causing it to stay out. You need to replace the switch or the sensor for the running board to work. 

3. Board Keeps getting stuck

Sometimes, the board keeps getting stuck due to the dirt and debris inside the linkage. The motor assembly and brackets can also cause the running board to get stuck. 

4. Board May Open While Driving

When you are driving, the board will deploy without any notice. This is dangerous as the board may hit someone nearby. You can trace the problem to the wiring harness or the motor assembly.

5. Deploying Is Slow

A slow deployment is often dangerous as you don’t know where to step first. To speed things up, try changing the motor assembly and linkage. 

6. Clicking Noise When Deploying Or Retracting

Whenever the board retracts or deploys, you can hear a clicking noise. Dirt and debris can accumulate in the motor assembly or gears and make the sound. Plus, faulty motor assembly or gears can also be a reason. If the sound doesn’t go away after cleaning these parts, then you need the parts replaced. 

7. Board May Not Be Level When Deployed

Though rare, an f150 running board can still have this problem. You may have a problem with the motor assembly, linkage, or the brackets. Get a complete board replacement as fixing it won’t do you much good. 

How To Fix Power Running Boards on ford F150?

Fixing the power running boards of F150 is all about constant checking. You need to check the fuse, wiring, board, and so on. Let’s see the steps below: 

  • Go and check the fuse. A shortened fuse won’t let the board work. It’s usually located in the fuse box under the vehicle’s hood.
  • Under the hood you will also see some wirings, make sure every wiring connected to the power running board is tight.
  • Clean the whole power running board and get some lubricating oil into the motor. It’s a tiresome process, and you need to use multiple layers of oil in it.
  • Check the linkage in the power running board and give it a good cleaning and oiling. 
  • Now, go to the switch portion of the power running board (In the vehicle’s cabin) and replace it. 
  • If you have tried the above steps and the power running boards are still not working properly, you may need to replace the entire power running board assembly. 

How To Install A Ford F150 Power Running Board?

Sometimes, we will need to install a new Ford F150 power running board inplace of the old one. Here are the steps: 

Park the truck on a Jack stand

Start by parking the truck on ground level and set the parking brakes. Use a jack stand and place it carefully to expose the power running board. 

Locate the mounting brackets

Crawl under the board and carefully locate the mounting brackets for the power running boards. You can find them on either side of the frame near the rocker panel area. 

Unbolt the brackets 

Get a socket wrench and start removing the bolts that secure the mounting brackets in place. 

Connect the new board

Now, locate the board’s wiring harness, and connect the new board in place. Afterwards, you need to connect all the wirings to the F150’s battery. Make sure that the electrical connectors are plugged in, and then secure the running board in place with the bolts you removed.

Test the new mounting board

Finally, test the wiring and check if the power running boards are functional. Loose connections may cause the power running board to malfunction. 

How to Install AMP Research PowerStep Running Boards on a 2015 Ford F-150 >> Check out the video below:

How To Turn Off Power Running Boards F150?

Don’t want to keep the power running board active? Then turn it off using these steps below:

  • Turn on the power of the F150. The productivity screen will turn on.
  • Use the 5 way controller on the steering wheel to navigate to the setting on the extreme right. 
  • Now, go to advanced settings and then go to the vehicle settings.
  • Locate the power running board, click it, and turn it off. 
  • If you want to manually turn off the power running board, then go under the hood and remove the power running board fuse. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who Makes Ford Power Running Boards?

Ford Power Running Boards are made under license by Magna. However, the owners are Lund/ Truck Hero. For aftermarket power running boards, AMP is still the leading giant. 

2. Where Is The Ford F150 Power Running Board Problems Location?

The Ford F150 power running board problems location is mainly in the sensors, linkage, and motor assembly. Sometimes, the problem can be in the bracket and wirings as well. 

3. Can You Add Power Running Boards To Ford F150?

Yes. You can add power running boards to a Ford F150. There are OEM versions of it, but an aftermarket AMP power running boards will be a better option. 


Generally, dirt and debris get inside the linkage and motor of the power running board, causing it to malfunction. A simple cleaning and oiling will resolve the problem most of the time. 

However, when the power running board is slow, doesn’t retract, or deploy, then it’s a whole new story. You need to open the whole darn thing and inspect the problem inside out. It can be the wiring, motor assembly, or even a broken switch. 

You can get an aftermarket power running board to replace the old broken one. An OEM one or a refurbished one will cause the old problems to come back again. 

This is all for today. Have a good day. 

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