Ford 6.2 Engine Problems & Their Solutions – (easy guide)

Driving a car manufactured by one of the most famous car companies gives us an assurance that we will face a little problem with the car. But the reality is often quite different if you have a Ford 6.2. That ringing any bell?

If you are a car enthusiast, you must’ve heard about Ford. They are one of the largest and most famous automobile manufacturers in the world. Over the years, Ford has improved its automobiles quite a lot in terms of durability & reliability. Despite these massive improvements, Ford engine is not free from problems. 

The occurrence of Ford 6.2 engine problems is quite normal, although Ford is trying hard to make improvements. So if you have a Ford 6.2, chances are you already know about some of the problems. If you still have not, this article is really important for you. Keep reading, learn what might be coming beforehand so you can deal with them in time.

4 Common Ford 6.2 Engine Problems You May Face with solution

  1. There are problems with the oil
  2. Something is wrong with the engine,
  3. The intake pipe is not okay and
  4. The spark plug is at fault

To find out each of the problems with their solution in a detail, scan through the rest of this article:

01. Problems With The Oil

There are several subcategories of this problem:

Oil Leakage: 

If there is a puddle of fluid under your car, first check its color. It will be a sign of oil leakage if the color is brown. However, if it is red, orange, or green, it means the leakage is either in the coolant transmission or in the fluid transmission.


Tighten the bolt first in order to stop the leak. If that does not do it, try using Stop-Leak additives to block the leakage.

Oil Consumption & Oil Burning: 

One of the characteristics of Ford 6.2 is that its oil consumption is often more than it is supposed to be. This usually happens when there is something wrong with the right valve cover.

Too much oil consumption can result in oil burning. If you see blue smoke emitting out of your Ford 6.2, count that as a signal of oil burning.


To solve the valve problem, replace it completely. Installing 16 plugs is a must.

Consult a mechanic immediately for oil burning. Do NOT do anything on your own. That will only cause more damage to your engine.

Understand this: burning oil is one kind of internal leak that impacts the engine gravely. This is one of the most serious Ford 6.2 engine problems. If you do not take care of it ASAP, your car may end up so damaged that it will be beyond any repair.

Watch this to know more:

02. Something Going Wrong With The Engine

This also has several subsections:

Engine Noise: 

If the engine sound becomes louder than usual, it may be due to the repaired coils or the disconnection of the engine wires.

If there is a crack in the exhaust manifold of the side of the driver, it can cause a loud sound. A camshaft can also be responsible for this.


Tighten the wires and coils to lessen the loudness. If that does not work, have the camshaft replaced.

Engine Misfire: 

If your engine has defective cylinders for which it cannot burn its air-fuel mixture, it will go through a misfire.

Reasons for an engine misfire: 

problematic charging system, failure of the piston head, defective fuel cap, oxygen sensors, and compression system, etc.


Consult a mechanic to find the specific cause of the misfire and replace the engine to avoid further damage.

Engine Overheating: 

This is probably the worst-case scenario for your 6.2 engine.

Probable reasons for this: leakage and blockage in the cooling system, lower oil level, and defects in the oil pump.

How do you understand if your engine is overheating? Notice –

  • when the hood of the car is burning hot.
  • If the dashboard says that the engine has touched the bar of the highest allowed temperature.
  • In case the engine releases a burning smell.


Stop driving your car the moment you notice the engine overheating. Then tow it to a mechanical store and have it checked by a good mechanic.

Take care of the car’s radiator, thermostat, and other parts that can cause this problem to keep the engine safe.  

03. The Intake Pipe Facing Problems

If you notice that the tailpipe is emitting black smoke, take care of the intake pipe immediately. It may be cracked and is responsible for the black smoke. If you do not take it seriously, it may end up making your engine overheat.


Contact a skilled mechanic to have the intake pipe repaired or replaced. If you have the proper skills, you can also try replacing the intake pipe with a silicone-made or a metal-made pipe.

04. The Faulty Spark Plug

A spark plug often malfunctions due to the reasons below:

  • Whether it is covered or surrounded by carbon or oil.
  •  In case it is not maintained properly and dirt gets into it.
  •  Or If you forget to charge it after the car has covered 100k miles.


Charging the plug every time the car covers 30k miles is highly recommended by experts.

Watch this Video About Spark Plug & Wire Replacement Tips and Tricks:

some Other Common Problems

Despite these 4 common problems, there are also some other Ford 6.2 engine problems that you might encounter. Those problems include leakage in the vacuum, broken valve springs, water pump failures, a rough idle, etc.


For the vacuum leak and the broken valve spring, try repairing them or changing them. Install a new water pump if the old one fails to do its job. For the rough idle, make sure the air conditioner and the throttle both are clean.

Final Words

Considering all the problems, it is true that Ford 6.2 may not be able to deliver a smooth performance all the time. But if you keep it in regular check and tackle the aforementioned situations tactfully, it is guaranteed that you will be satisfied with your Ford’s service.

Hopefully, from now on, you will be able to understand your Ford 6.2 engine problems whenever they show up. Remember to follow the signals properly, take preparations beforehand, and handle the problems by following our solutions.

Best wishes on your journey with your Ford 6.2!

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