Does Walmart Have Nitrogen For Tires? Yes! [Explained]

Nitrogen-filled tires have become the latest buzz in the automobile world. It reduces the wear and tear of the rubber used in the outer layer of the tire. So, more people are buying nitrogen kits for their tires, which has increased sales. Following it, customers are keen to know which super shops keep nitrogen kits for tires in their shopping alleys. Walmart being a top supermarket, isn’t free from this questioning.

Yes, Walmart keeps nitrogen kits for tires. As part of their promise to go green and save the environment, Walmart introduced nitrogen kits for various automobile tires. The supermarket says that these nitrogen-filled tires will have a low rate of wear and tear. So, they will last longer and require less rubber production. This way, it will protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions.

However, nitrogen tires have their unique advantages and setbacks. Therefore, before you choose the nitrogen kits from Walmart for your car tire, you must realize its benefits and setbacks. Thus, we will guide you here with that.

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What Are Nitrogen-Filled Tires?

The use of nitrogen for tires is a new concept. Thus, not so many people know in-details about it. However, on its official website, Continental Tires spoke about nitrogen tires. The tires are regular in shape, size, and materials used to manufacture them.

The difference is in inflating material. Tires with nitrogen will have nitrogen gas as its inflating material instead of the air. These days, many garages and dealers use nitrogen to inflate the tires as they claim it offers better durability. Plus, sports cars and cars for racing competitions use nitrogen in the tires. It mitigates their pressure and improves their overall balance while driving the car.

Does Walmart Have Nitrogen for Tires

Walmart is a leading supermarket with the most variety of products available. They offer the most convenient and environment-friendly shopping experience for their respectable customers. So, they have always tried introducing the most user-recommended green products in their online and offline shopping space.

Following it, Walmart introduced nitrogen kits for tires in 2010. They enlisted the nitrogen kits in their shopping list in the latter part of 2010. In April 2010, they enlisted the ISG Nitrogen system to inflate car tires.

Thus, you should currently find the ISG nitrogen system in their physical and virtual shops. You can order them, get them delivered to your home and use them to inflate the tire. The kit contains all the detailed information you need to inflate the tire appropriately with dry nitrogen.

Walmart has introduced the ISG nitrogen kit to protect the environment. It lowers the damage to the rubber tire. So, a tire can survive for a longer period. It, thus, reduces tire production. So, the tire manufacturers will require less rubber. As a result, they will cut an even lesser number of rubber trees. It also lowers carbon emissions and protects the environment.

Thus, it is an excellent initiative for Walmart to introduce nitrogen for tires to improve tire lifespan and save the environment. They deserve accolades for such innovation.

Benefits Of Using Nitrogen-Filled Tires:

No doubt, nitrogen-inflated tires have become the talk of the town in the automobile sector. It has been gaining extreme popularity in the last few years. But what are the actual benefits of using nitrogen gas instead of standard air in the tires?

Reduces tire damage:

Nitrogen gas effectively reduces the wear and tear of the rubber used in tires. It improves the lifespan of rubber tires by 40% on average. So, the tires will last a few months more than they used to. It is a spectacular achievement for automobile owners.

Less wear and tear on the tire with nitrogen will also reduce your cost. A new tire can cost you $60 or $200, or even more on average. As the nitrogen improves the tire lifespan by 40%, you will have a more significant cost reduction on tires.

Maintain the pressure level perfectly:

Tires with regular air will reduce the pressure gradually. If you inflate tires with air, it will gradually get away from the tires. So, over time, the tires will lose their required PSI level. It forces you to reinflate the tires.

Furthermore, nitrogen helps maintain the pressure and balances the vehicle perfectly. So you won’t see any imbalance while driving the car. It boosts your driving confidence too.

Perfect for speed lovers:

If you have a sports car and love speeding it, nitrogen tires are made for you. Nitrogen will balance the tire pressure accurately. Also, tires will have less damage on the roads. Finally, it allows you to speed up the car without worrying about its imbalance.

Thus, it will be instrumental for you to use nitrogen in the tire for driving the car at speed. In fact, you will see sports cars in competition using nitrogen in the car tires.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use nitrogen with air for the tires?

Yes, most dealers and mechanics will use both nitrogen and air to inflate the tires. They usually use 2% to 5% of regular use with nitrogen in the car tires.

Is it safe to use nitrogen in car tires?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to inflate car tires with nitrogen. Tire manufacturers and dealers recommend using nitrogen for the tires. So, you don’t need to worry about its safety.


Does Walmart have nitrogen for tires? Yes, Walmart sells nitrogen kits to inflate car tires. You will easily find the nitrogen gas for the tires in their shopping alleys. Using nitrogen will improve the lifespan and performance of the tire significantly. Also, it boosts your overall driving experience and safety superbly.

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