Does Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant Work? How do you use?

The upper part of your car’s cylinder is prone to severe wear and tear, and it will hurt the cylinder and engine’s performance dearly.  Henceforth, car owners look for additives to protect the upper part of the cylinder from damages from external elements, and the upper cylinder lubricant is one of these additives. 

Lucas is a popular brand for the upper cylinder lubricant, and millions of car owners use it to stop damages to the cylinder, including piston rings.

But Does Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant Work in real life?

Lucas’s upper cylinder lubricant is highly effective in stopping wear and tear of the upper part of the engine’s cylinder positioned right above the piston rings.  It has detergent elements that protect the metal part of the cylinder from rust and increase its longevity for better performance and durability.

Nonetheless, you can’t just put the Lucas upper cylinder lubricant anywhere in the car’s cylinder and expect it to deliver optimal performance.  Also, you need to maintain the proper frequency of the upper cylinder lubricant application time.  Lastly, there’s a limit of how much Lucas cylinder lubricant and fuel injector you should apply for the car.

We will discuss all these questions elaborately in this article.  So, stay tuned and read the article if you consider applying upper cylinder lubricant to improve your car’s performance and engine longevity.

Does Upper Cylinder Lubricant Work?

The upper cylinder lubricant is much like the fuel injector you will use to protect and clean the fuel injector and its corresponding parts.  The lubricant is made of detergents and additives.  When you apply the lubricant, it will slowly cover the upper part of the cylinder and protect it from external elements.

Technically, the detergent reduces the surface tension between oil and water.  It also helps lower the surface tension among rust, oil, and water.  Hence, rust can’t catch the metal parts of the cylinder and so will last longer than the usual expiry time.

The upper part of the cylinder includes:

  • The Valves
  • Valve Seats
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Corresponding parts

When you apply the upper cylinder lubricant, it’s detergent surfactant will all these cylinder parts that sit above the piston ring from rust, corrosion, and external elements.  So, these metallic parts of the cylinder get an extended lifespan without corrosion and rust.

On top of it, Lucas’s upper cylinder lubricant will also work as a fuel injector cleaner, thanks to the presence of detergent in its materials.  The detergent will clean the dirty fuel injector just like any regular fuel injector cleaner would do.

Additionally, Lucas cylinder lubricant is designed pretty versatile.  So, it works with the following fuel types and elements of your car.

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel fuel
  • Ethanol blends

Therefore, you will see improvements in the engine’s performance gasoline mileage and boost the engine’s horsepower supremely.  Consequently, the lubricant will also significantly increase the upper parts of the car’s cylinder’s lifespan.

Long story short, upper cylinder lubricants such as Lucas will effectively protect the spark plugs, valves, seats, and other parts of the car’s cylinder from corrosion and rust.  On top of it, the lubricant will also work as a fuel injector cleaner to safeguard the fuel injector to improve mileage and engine performance for a smooth driving experience.

Thus, we recommend you apply a high-quality and reliable upper cylinder lubricant to your car’s fuel tank to enjoy a smoother and better driving experience.  It will also reduce your cost for car maintenance as the cylinder will have an enhanced lifespan.

How often should you use Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant?

Undoubtedly, Lucas’s upper cylinder lubricant is a great option to protect the wear and tear of the upper parts of your car’s cylinder.  Hence, it is tempting to apply the upper cylinder lubricant for your car continuously.

But, this isn’t a practical solution since applying too much of the upper lubricant for the car’s cylinder might work negatively.

It brings us to the important question, “Which is the right frequency to apply Lucas upper cylinder lubricant for your car?” Also, it is vital since Lucan lubricant for the upper cylinder isn’t any cheap additive for your car.

Thankfully, you don’t need to apply the upper cylinder lubricant of the car too frequently.  Experts and car manufacturers suggest applying Lucas upper cylinder lubricant once every 2000 miles t0 3000 miles for the car.  It means applying the lubricant once every 3 to 4 months will be sufficient to protect the cylinder.

You can apply it when you change the car oil if you forget to use the Lucas upper cylinder lubricant according to its recommended frequency.  Thus, you won’t need to remember the changing frequency of the lubricant additionally.

Also, add the lubricant when you fill-up the fuel tank with gasoline.  Then, run the car for at least 20 miles and pour in the remaining additive for optimal performance.

Where do you put Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant?

As Lucas’s lubricant is for the upper cylinder, many car owners are confused about applying the lubricant.  We understand it and so have come up with the answer.

Putting Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant on a car fuel tank

Lucas suggests that you apply the upper cylinder lubricant in your car’s fuel tank when you fill it up with gasoline. Thus, you should have no confusion about the application location of Lucas’s upper cylinder lubricant.  You just need to add it directly to your car’s fuel tank, and it will start working according to its requirements.

How do you use upper cylinder lubricant?

The upper cylinder lubricant such as Lucas blends oil and additive to protect the upper cylinder’s metal parts from corrosion.  It is a powerful and highly-efficient lubricant.  Thus, you don’t need to apply too much to save the cylinder.

Lucas recommends you apply 2 to 3 ounces of Lucas upper cylinder lubricant for every 10 gallons of diesel or gasoline of your car.  If you use it for SUVs or trucks, you will need a full bottle of Lucas upper cylinder lubricant to achieve the optimal effectiveness and performance of the product.

If you are a more visual learner, here is a video from NATES INTERACTIVE AUTO on YouTube.

How long does it take for the fuel injector cleaner to start working

Fuel injector cleaner such as Lucas cleaner and Lucas cylinder lubricant needs time to work and show its result.  Applying the fuel injector cleaner in the fuel tank will start working with the gasoline fuel and fuel line pretty immediately.

But you will need to wait for at least 100 miles to 200 miles to notice any difference in the car’s gasoline mileage and engine’s performance.

What happens if you use too much Lucas fuel injector cleaner?

Lucas recommends using 2 to 3 ounces of Lucas fuel injector cleaner for your car for every 10 gallons of gasoline.  But, it won’t hurt the car engine if you put too much fuel injector cleaner inside your car’s fuel tank. 

Yet, it isn’t a recommended practice as using too much fuel injector cleaner will reduce effectiveness and performance considerably.  Also, it will cost you additional expenses too.

Final Words

So, does Lucas upper cylinder lubricant work to protect the upper part of your car’s cylinder?  Yes, Lucas’s upper cylinder lubricant is a high-end lubricant made of detergent and additive, and it will prevent rust and corrosion of the metallic parts of the cylinder.

Thus, your car will deliver better performance with the improved longevity of the spark plug, valve seat, and corresponding parts of the upper cylinder.  Also, it works as a fuel injector cleaner to boost the gasoline mileage for a smooth and safe driving experience for car owners.

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