pennzoil platinum vs ultra platinum – which one to choose?

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A hot sunny day, isn’t that ideal for a trip? You started the day super-hyped with your favorite car. Everything was going perfectly. But suddenly, your car came to a halt with some weird noise. What happened? You inspect the engine only to find it overheated!

Has it ever happened to you? Unfortunately, I had to experience this horrible situation due to my own stupidity. I chose a cheap lubricant that wasn’t compatible with my car’s engine.

Nowadays, people are going for synthetic oil as it can withstand harsh weather and comes with many benefits. Pennzoil platinum and Pennzoil ultra platinum are surely top the choice list. But what’s the difference between Pennzoil Platinum and Ultra Platinum? Why did Pennzoil launch two oils with almost the same name?

pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum – (overview)

But before we start comparing the lubricants, let’s get familiar with them first. Let’s explore their features, advantages, and everything else.

1. Pennzoil Platinum overview

Pennzoil platinum 5W-30 motor oil is a fully synthetic oil. It is made by using the revolutionary Pure Plus Technology that is patented to Pennzoil. Pennzoil converts gas to base oils and produces purely synthetic oil with fewer impurities thanks to this technology.

Designed to withstand harsh environments, Pennzoil Platinum provides ultimate protection to the engine. Unlike regular motor oil, it is capable of faster oil flow at low temperatures and preventing overheating of the engine by reducing temperature. Hence, this is suitable in all weather.

Fewer impurities keep the piston comparatively clean by producing fewer pollutants during the combustion process. A cleaner piston helps the engine to perform in its best condition. You can achieve maximum engine response but ensure protection at the same time with Pennzoil Platinum.

Advanced synthetic oil formulation ensures the engine’s wear protection from friction and longevity. You can drive up to 550 miles extra each year with Pennzoil Platinum synthetic motor oil.

What We Like?

  • Have fewer impurities as produced from natural gas.
  • Maximum engine response.
  • Perfect for cold weather because of faster low-temperature oil flow.
  • Prevent engine overheating during hot weather.
  • Keep the piston 40% cleaner.

Keep In Mind

  • Make sure it is compatible with your car’s engine.
  • You need to ensure proper disposal of the used oil.

2. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum overview

Pennzoil ultra platinum full synthetic 0W-40 motor oil is one of the best oils for your car engine. It is solemnly made from national gas, not crude. That’s why it has very few, almost no impurities.

It is a carbon-neutral motor oil that offsets CO2 lifecycle emissions. As a result, there’s less production of contaminants like soot, carbon particles, and nitric acid during combustion. Hence, the burn cleaner thickens slowly, and the piston remains 65% cleaner (close to factory cleaning).

With an aim to provide ultimate engine performance even in demanding road situations, Pennzoil ultra platinum exceeds the car manufacturers’ requirements for protection and cleanliness (based on ILSAC GF-6). When you first switch to ultra platinum, you will surely feel how smoothly the engine starts.

Being compatible with all car engines, SUVs, trucks, and sports cars un questionably saves you from the headache of switching from oil to oil trying to find the one compatible with the car’s engine. Being all weather suitable is like a cherry on top. It assures that the engine lubricates and runs smoothly in both extreme heat and cold.

Pennzoil ultra platinum maintains the torque power and protects the engine from power loss. A greater fuel economy provides another 550 miles area coverage per year than a regular motor oil car.

What We Like?

  • Suitable for almost all types of car engines, including sports cars and luxurious vehicles.
  • Have almost no impurities, thanks to Pure Plus Technology.
  • Carbon neutral and keeps the piston 65% clean.
  •  Maintain torque power and horsepower of the engine.
  • Reduce engine noises.

Keep In Mind

  • A little pricier than regular motor oils.
  • It is not compatible with bikes and aviation engines.

pennzoil platinum vs ultra platinum – key diffrencess

Pennzoil PlatinumPennzoil Ultra Platinum
Oil TypePremium Full Synthetic Motor OilSuperior Full Synthetic Motor Oil
BaseGas-to-oil ConversionMade From Natural Gas
Cleaning Capacity40% Cleaner Piston65% Cleaner Piston
Temperature CompatibilityBoth Hot And ColdExcellent Performance In All Weather
Wear ProtectionUnsurpassed Wear ProtectionUnsurpassed Protection From Friction
Suitable ForCarCar, SUV, Truck, etc.

Having the word “ultra” added to the name indicates the update of Pennzoil platinum. The advanced version possesses all properties and abilities of Pennzoil platinum but along with some added features.

So, what has actually changed? How has Pennzoil updated its platinum synthetic oil to ultra platinum? That’s what we will discuss today. Even though the differences are not that noticeable at first glance, they are significant.

Let me guide you to understand them.

1. Viscosity Comparison

Viscosity is the property that defines how thick or thin the oil is. Every lubricant has a definite viscosity. It is interlinked with engines working ability. If an engine is not performing its best, it is probably because the oil’s viscosity is too low or high to lubricate the engine properly.

Both Pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum can be found in multiple viscosity. For Pennzoil platinum, the available viscosities are- 0W-16, 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30. And for Pennzoil ultra platinum, they are- 0W-20, 0W-40, 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30.

Pennzoil Platinum0W16, 0W20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30
Pennzoil Ultra Platinum0W-20, 0W-40, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30

2. Cleaning Capacity

When the engine runs, the piston is the most susceptible to getting dirty due to its combustion function. It operates in extreme pressure, high temperature, and excessive acceleration force. As a result, pollutants like carbon particles easily set upon piston making is dirty and slow at the same time.

Pennzoil platinum keeps the piston 40% cleaner, while ultra platinum keeps the piston 65% cleaner. Pennzoil ultra platinum possesses 25% more cleaning capacity and keeps the engine almost factory clean with no impurities.

Cleaning Capacity
Pennzoil Platinum40-45%
Pennzoil Ultra Platinum65%

3. Coverage

Enhanced with great fuel economy, Pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum prevent excessive fuel usage. They both assure 550 miles extra coverage per year than typical motor oil.

According to the manufacturer’s manual Pennzoil, platinum can run for 300,000 miles or ten years, whichever comes first. For Pennzoil ultra platinum, the coverage area is 500,000 miles or 15 years.

Pennzoil Platinum300,000 miles/ 10 years
Pennzoil Ultra Platinum500,000 miles/ 15 years

4. Compatibility

As I have mentioned earlier, motor oils are like the lifeline of car engines. How well they will perform depends on the type of lubricant they get. If you choose an oil that is incompatible with your car’s engine, it won’t be able to perform to its fullest.

Pennzoil ultra platinum is compatible with almost all cars, SUVs, vans, heavy vehicles, sports cars, and even luxurious cars. On the other hand, even though Pennzoil platinum may not be suitable for high-performing cars, it decently covers regular engine types.

Pennzoil PlatinumRegular car engines
Pennzoil Ultra PlatinumHeavy engines, SUVs, sports car, etc.

5. Cost

No matter how much we deny, the price of a product narrows down our choice list a lot. To save a couple of dollars, some choose cheap lubricant even though they know it can damage the car’s engine.

Synthetic oils take great care of engines and thus are a little pricier than conventional motor oils. Pennzoil ultra platinum is more costly than Pennzoil platinum. But if you can afford to expend money on ultra platinum, you can be free of worries for at least ten years. Isn’t that a great deal?

If you are more visual learner, watch this you tube videos about Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs Platinum 5W-20 Oil Analysis,

people also ask (FAQs)

1. Is Pennzoil Platinum And Ultra Platinum Compatible For All Engines?

Pennzoil Platinum is suitable for all car engines, including gasoline and diesel. However, it is not compatible with luxurious cars and sports cars.

On the other hand, ultra platinum is compatible with all cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, and even sports cars.

However, neither of them can be used in bikes or aviation engines.

2. Can We Mix Pennzoil Platinum And Ultra Platinum?

Mixing two different motor oils is very common. Some do it to save money, unaware of the consequences. Mixing oils of varying viscosity decreases its working efficiency. That’s why manufacturers never permit this.

However, if you want to mix Pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum, you should mix the ones with the same viscosity.

3. Which One Is The Best Pennzoil Platinum Or Ultra Platinum?

Pennzoil ultra platinum is basically Pennzoil platinum with some added benefits. It is the upgraded version. So, yes, ultra platinum is better than platinum if we consider their efficiency.

4. How Many Miles Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Cover?

Pennzoil ultra platinum has a greater fuel economy. Hence, it has a pretty impressive coverage. It lets you drive another 550 miles extra per year and overall covers 500,000 miles proficiently.

5. Is Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Costly?

Synthetic oils are made from gas and contain almost no impurities. But at the same time, it costs you way more than conventional oils. Even though Pennzoil ultra platinum is pricier than any average motor oil, it surely outstands in performance.


In an attempt to make our lives easier, scientists are always trying to find newer and better technologies. The invention of lubricants was no different. But nowadays, the regular car lubricants/oils are getting more upgraded day by day.

The conversion of gas to synthetic oil is another revolution. Pennzoil has first introduced this formula and is currently ruling the synthetic oil market. However, they have launched a few variations of the oils leading people to wonder what the differences are between them.

Hopefully, I have covered all the aspects, and now you can distinguish the differences between them.

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