cooper weather master st2 vs firestone winterforce -[Compared]

Amongst Cooper weather-master st2 and Firestone winterforce, which tire is the best choice for your vehicle? Cooper Weather and Firestone Winterforce have a strong record of excellence and service delivery. 

They provide great traction, performance, and stability. Both tires are good, but your needs and preference will help you decide the best choice for you.

Cooper Weather-Master st2 tires and Firestone Winterforce tires are studdable. This gives them great performance in winter, snow, and ice. However, certain factors differentiate both tires.

We have provided a detailed comparison of Cooper weather-master st2 vs firestone winterforce. This will help decide the best driving conditions for each tire and which tire has your desired capacity.

What is Cooper weather master st2 in inches?

Cooper Weather-Master st2 has varying tire diameters. This is because of the different versions of tires that fall in their range. 

The Cooper weather Master st2 tire has a tire chart that includes tire sizes (width) of 175 – 225 mm (6.89 – 8.858 inches) and a rim width that runs in the ranges of 14 – 18 inches. The aspect ratio of Cooper weather master st2 tires also varies; 50-75%. This impacts the circumference, sidewall height, and revolution per mile of the tires that fall into this category.

What is Firestone Winterforce in inches?

Firestone Winterforce tires run in different sizes that accommodate different tire diameters. The firestone winterforce tires include tire widths that run from 155mm to 225 mm (6.102 – 8.858 inches). 

Firestone Winterforce tires are compatible with tire wheels of 13 – 18 inches. This includes an aspect ratio that runs between 55 – 80%. The distinction in the sizes of Firestone Winterforce tires influences its sidewall height, circumference, revolution per mile, and rim width range.

What does Cooper weather master st2 tire mean?

Cooper Weather tires are winter tires made by Goodyear Tire and Rubber company. They are the sole manufacturer of Cooper tires. 

Cooper weather master st2 tires are unique tires made for cars whose driving conditions require driving on snow or ice. These tires provide excellent traction and are designed to meet the specification of different types of cars. 

The Cooper weather master st2 tires have an optimized tread lining and spacing that provides great traction in deep snow. This assures drivers of balance and stability even on wet grounds, ice, or snow sites. Cooper Weather-Master st2 tires are compatible with a wide range of tires matching different driving conditions. 

The Cooper weather master st2 tires are usually passenger tires but their specifications cut across different tire widths and diameters. For instance, there is a Cooper weather master st2 P225/45R17 tire just as there is a Cooper weather master st2 P225/65R17. This provides variations in the aspect ratio, sidewall height, and circumference of Cooper Weather-Master st2 tires.

Benefits of Cooper Weather-Master st2 Tires

Winter Studdable

Cooper weather master st2 tires are studdable. This gives them great performance, traction, and durability even on Winter and Snow roads. 

The tires are designed to accommodate studs. These studs enhance the tread pattern but also ensure that you have a smooth and quiet ride.


Cooper utilizes its patent snow groove design on Cooper Weather-Master st2 tires. This design provides more biting edges on the tires supporting the tire’s outer grooves that retain snow. This promotes a snow-to-snow contact rather than exposing the rubber tires to snow. 

The circumferential grooves around the tire provide evacuation support when you are driving through water, ice or snow. This gives your tires an amazing grip and traction, preventing the chances of hydroplaning.


These Cooper tires are fashioned with a D-squared technology that enhances the density and depth of the tire linings. It gives the tires a zig-zag-like shape around their tread blocks. This reinforces the strength and stability of each tire. 

Adaptability to extreme temperature

The Cooper tires have a rubber compound that is enhanced to maintain softness and flexibility even during freezing temperatures. This promotes durability in the tires.

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What does firestone winterforce mean?

Firestone Winterforce tires are winter tires, designed to handle the worst driving conditions. These tires run in four different categories; Winterforce 2, Winterforce 2 UV, Winterforce CV, and the Winterforce LT. The standard set for these tires is closely related, but you should choose the one that fits your vehicle and matches your needs.

Firestone Winterforce 2 has a full-depth tread design that provides high durability and performance in winter. It includes a unique cold-weather comping, open shoulder slots, and a tread design that assures snow, winter, ice, and offroad performance. 

Firestone winterforce offers similar advantages with slight differences; a 5-rib tread design and full-depth grooves. This includes zig zag sawtooth sipes and biting edges with high sipe density. 

Firestone Winterforce LT tires are for light trucks. It has a directional tread design, inclusion for #15 studs, and a high-speed density. This gives it an added advantage for dry road performance.

The Winterforce 2 UV has a similar design to the Firestone Winterforce 2.

Eight Features of Firestone winterforce

  1. Siped and Winter Studdable
  2. 90-day warranty
  3. 3-peak mountain snowflake certification
  4. Full-depth treads
  5. Unique cold weather compound 
  6. #11 and #15 studs
  7. Open Shoulder slots
  8. Tread design

Six Benefits of firestone winterforce

  1. Less noisy and comfortable rides
  2. Great traction for wet grounds
  3. Great winter performance
  4. Great offroad performance
  5. Versatility
  6. Wide Range of options
  7. Durability and improved tread life

Cooper weather master st2 vs Firestone winterforce tires: What are the major differences?

FeaturesCooper weather master st2Firestone winterforce
Rim Width14 – 18 inches14 – 20 inches
ClassPassenger TiresPassenger and Light Truck Tires
Tread Depth12/32” – 13/32”12/32 – 18/32
Technology and DesignPatent Snow Groove design, Tri-Polymer Compounding3-peak mountain snowflake certification, Unique cold weather compound
Speed Rating112 mph118 – 186 mph

people also ask (FAQs)

How tall is a Cooper weather master st2 tire?

Cooper Weather-Master st2 tires have different tire diameters. This provides varying heights for the tire. The Cooper Weather master st2 height ranges between 23.11 – 28.7 inches.

How tall is a firestone winterforce tire?

Firestone Winterforce tires include Firestone Winterforce 2, Winterforce 2 UV, Winterforce CV, and the Winterforce LT. However, all Firestone Winterforce tires are 22.8 – 32 inches tall. 

What rims will fit Cooper weather master st2 tires?

Cooper Weather master st2 tires will fit rims of 14 – 18 inches.

What rims will fit firestone winterforce tires?

 Firestone Winterforce tires will fit rims of 14 – 20 inches.


Choosing between Cooper weather master st2 and firestone winterforce might prove to be a difficult task. This is because both are winter studdable tires. You must understand that their technology, design, and prices differ. 

Cooper Weather tires are costlier, while Firestone Winterforce tires are cheaper. Both tires are great in wet driving conditions, but you must confirm which one will perfectly fit your vehicle.

We might not choose one over the other, because of their head-to-head margin. But, if price is a major factor that determines your purchase, then you should go for Firestone Winterforce tires.

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