Can You Tint a Leased Car & windows? [Explained]

Many people like tinted windows on their cars for added privacy and to keep the car interior cool. Also, the tinted windows will add value to the car. When your automobile has tinted windows, you will see the difference in interior heat reduction while parking the car for an extended period in outdoor parking lots.

That’s why tinting car windows are a common event. But what if you have a leased car? Can You Tint A Leased Car or car windows?

Well, the availability of car window tinting on rented or leased vehicles depends on the dealer and your agreement with them. Also, the car manufacturer controls the dealership agreement for leased cars and set rules on its modification.

Therefore, you need to look at your leased car agreement. Also, the tinting process of your car may be restricted due to state law at some places. Plus, you have to know whether you can tint the car at any workshop or only from the dealer’s suggested points if they allow tinting windows on their leased cars.

Can You Tint a Leased Car And Car Windows

Can You Modify Your Leased Car?

Before we jump directly into the leased car window tinting topic, let’s focus on what dealers and state laws say about leased car modification. It is crucial if you are an automobile buff and planning to modify your car once you get it heavily.

Long story short, the modification ability of your leased car will depend on your agreement with the dealership. There should be a specific clause on your ‘Car Lease Agreement’ telling you exactly what you can do with the car and what you must avoid.

The Do’s and Don’ts list of leased car agreements will help you know whether or not you can modify the car. Also, a few dealers will insert clauses for car modification from their suggested workshops or car points.

Also, some dealers and car owners agree that you should return the car as it was after your leased period. You have to undo the car modification before returning it to the dealers upon completion of the leased period.

can i tint a leased car?

This question has a confusing answer-

Yes, you can tint a leased car…. Or

Maybe, you can’t tint your leased car windows.

Let’s not make it complicated. We suggest you contact the car dealer and ask them directly if they allow modification of their leased car, like window tinting. In many cases, dealers and manufacturers insert a clause in the agreement for car modification with clear instructions.

At times, the dealer may want to physically inspect the car to decide whether they will allow you to tint the car windows. So, you should always contact the car dealer and ask them directly about car window tinting.

Many dealers have licensed partners for automobile modification and suggest you get the car tinted from them. It also helps you maintain the leased agreement better without any violation of the rules.

Also, most dealers and manufacturers will allow you to tint the car window from registered workshops without any problems. The problem arises when you decide to add a tinted window from a third-party installer.

Also, many dealers actually accept professional tinted windows as an upgrade as it increases the actual value of your car. Thus, they will happily receive a tinted car upon completion of their leased period. But you must ensure that the window tinting job has been done properly and it looks good.

If the tint is done incorrectly, it may damage the car’s aesthetic and window itself. At such moments, your dealer will ask you to remove the tinted part and repair any damages when you return the car.

So, long story short, you can tint windows of a leased car from a reputed workshop. Your dealer shouldn’t have a problem with it unless the window tinting job is done incorrectly.

Also, consult the dealer for their consent and check if they suggest any specific workshop for the tinting job. This way is assured of not violating any clauses on the leased car agreement and not paying additional fines unknowingly.

While your dealer will allow professional tinted windows in most cases, you also must know your state rules. Many states don’t allow tinted windows on aftermarket cars unless it comes as a default option right during the purchase.

Also, many states only allow tinted windows at the back seats. For instance, New Jersey strictly follows that tinted windows must be only at the backseats. The front passenger and driver seat must be non-tinted and visible from outside.

Also, California maintains the following two rules for tinted windows-

  1. The front windscreen must allow 75% light to pass through inside the car
  2. Similarly, the front side windows must ensure 75% light entrance in the car
  3. There’s no rule for the rear windscreen and side windows

The good thing is most cars come with a slight tint in their windows these days. It protects the car interior from UVrays. Also, the car remains cool, and so you will need less AC.

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can you tint the windows on a leased car? The 5 Benefits of Tinted Car Windows

When automobiles were 1st invented, they didn’t even have any windows. Later, the upgraded models started installing windows on their cars to keep the interior free of dust and ensure passenger’s privacy.

Later, tinted windows developed, and it has almost become a part of most high-end cars. Also, many people installed tinted windows, and it truly has great benefits. Adding tints to the car window immediately elevates the car look and works as a value-added modification. Its exciting benefits include the following points-

1. Enhanced privacy:

When you perform a professional window tint job for the car, it promptly ensures your maximum privacy inside the vehicle. With tinted windows, outsiders won’t see through the windows to see your valuables inside the car.

Also, it helps you remain in a casual condition without being worried about what outsiders will think about you.

2. UV-protection:

Car seats are mostly made of expensive leather and have a luxurious wood finish in many interior parts. Sadly, all these items are vulnerable to UV-rays. Also, when you have a clear window, it doesn’t block sunrays.

So, your skin may get damaged due to UVrays, particularly when you are exposed to the sun due to long journeys. A tinted window reduces UV-ray penetration inside the car by 99%. So, both your skin and the interior remain safe and sound.

3. Protects car interior:

As we described previously, car seats and dashboards may get damaged due to overexposure to sunrays. Since the tinted window blocks sunrays, the car interior remains protected and in good condition for a longer period.

It thus allows less maintenance and saves huge money for you. It is crucial since replacing the leather covers on your car can be costly.

4. Improved mileage:

When you use tinted windows, it actually keeps the car interior cooler than a non-tinted car. As the car interior remains cool, you will need the least use of ACs. So, the cooler cabins inside the car will help you preserve fuels that the car AC would consume otherwise.

Therefore, your car will enjoy a greater mileage. It is again a good cost-cutting benefit of using tinted windows.

5. Elevates aesthetics

Last but not least, professionally done window tints will give your automobile a bold and sharp look. People will appreciate the car’s exterior. Also, it adds value to your car and will help you create a good impression on others.

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how much does it cost of Tinted Windows?

When you and the dealer agree on car window tints, you would like to know the car window tinting cost. Although it may vary from one location to another and the expertise level of the service provider, the actual cost depends heavily on the type of film you will use for the window.

Approximately a window tinting cost may vary from $99 to $850. Usually, dyed window tints are the most budget-friendly and cost affordable option. On the contrary, ceramic window tint is the costliest of all and is the highest-quality tint too.

Also, consider your car type for the window tint cost. Usually, sedans have the smallest windows and will cost the least. Coupes and SUVs are equipped with bigger windows. So, you need to pay more for tinting their windows. Finally, curved windows will need extra payment for tint jobs.


    You can tint the windows of a leased car. But it is better to consult with the dealer before you install the tinted films on your car window. Also, it would be best if you always got the tinted job done by a professional car tint installer.

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