Blue DEF Platinum vs Regular: What Are The Differences?

Is premium DEF fluid worth it? There are a lot of options to take care of your exhaust and the state of your car’s engine. Blue Diesel Exhaust Fluid (Def) is an emission control liquid, designed to reduce the amount of air pollution and provide preventive measures for your Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system.

There are tendencies of having deposits in your SCR system. This will create back pressure on the exhaust system, reducing power transmission and affecting your fuel economy. Blue Def helps to fix all these.

The question remains, is there any big difference between Blue def Platinum vs Regular Blue Def? Or is it just another marketing strategy to sell a product?

Let’s clear your doubts by offering you a detailed insight into the Blue Def Platinum and Blue Def Regular Def Battle; similarities, differences, and which of them is a better option.

Blue DEF Platinum vs Regular (side by side comparison table)

 Blue DEF PlatinumBlue DEF Regular
Concentration (Urea – Water)32.5% Urea – 67.5% Water32.5% Urea – 67.5% Water
Diesel Exhaust Fluid RangeIncreased range – 11,000 – 12,000 milesNormal Range: 10,000 miles
CrystallizationDoesn’t CrystallizesCrystallizes
UsagePreventive and Maintenance, removes depositsPreventive and Maintenance, doesn’t clean or removes deposits
CompatibilityCompatible with all SCR systemsCompatible with only SCR code U42 systems

about Bluedef Platinum – (short overview)

There are a lot of descriptions around the BlueDef Platinum, that it all looks like hype. Here are certain truths you need to know about the Blue Def Platinum. The Blue Def platinum is an additive that prevents the building of deposits in your SCR system.

This is different from the tales in that it ‘cleans’ the deposits. There are no statistical proofs to prove that. The BlueDef platinum maintains the DEF formula, but in this case, it also has an advanced shield technology.

This shields your SCR from potential clogs of harmful deposits. This does not only improve the fuel economy of your system but also sustains its life. The Bluedef platinum offers amazing benefits like;

  1. Improves the durability of your SCR system
  2. Improved fuel economy
  3. Compatible with all SCR systems
  4. Meets industry standards (ISO-22241-1 specification for DEF)
  5. Saves costs over multiple repairs

about Regular DEF – (Short overview)

The regular DEF stands out as the ‘first mover’ in the series of DEFs. It maintains the aqueous urea formula of 67.5% deionized water and 32.5% urea. The regular DEF aims for the SCR system, reducing the concentration of nitrogen oxides.

The regular DEF acts as a traditional clog filter that can reduce the pressure and temperature on your SCR. The production of Regular DEF came across to solve the growing environmental concerns in the society. It was essential to cut down on the levels of Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in trucks.

The regular DEF bypasses the massive release of NOx, by introducing Ammonia, which further breaks down to include carbon dioxide. The goal is to reduce the presence of Nitrogen oxides in the presence of Oxygen. However, the benefits of regular DEF go beyond the conversion and breakdown of gases.

It improves your fuel mileage and reduces concentration in exhaust emissions by diesel engines. The regular DEF is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-explosive, and poses no life threat.

Blue DEF platinum vs Blue DEF regular (5 key Differences)

1. Advanced Shield System

Bluedef platinum works as an advanced version of the regular DEF. Its advanced shield system as an additive prevents the build-up that causes a clogged system. This enhances the engine power and fuel economy of your engine.

The shielding mechanism goes beyond the regular DEF formula that converts emissions. It provides an advanced system that prevents the accumulation of toxic elements. This will generally save you extra costs from repairs or unforeseen damages.

Winner: Both

2. Price

On a fair scale, the price comparison of Blue def platinum and regular blue def boils down to the manufacturer of the individual products. You might need to throw in a few bucks to purchase any of them. Using the products we picked for this review, regular DEF is costlier than Blue Def platinum.

3. DEF Range

The DEF range determines how far your car goes with a DEF refill. The diesel engine will stop running if it maxes out its DEF range. However, you don’t always need to wait till you reach the maximum range before you fill up.

After each refill, the DEF range resets. This shows the new achievable mileage. After a thorough review, we discovered that BlueDef achieves an improved mileage. With regular DEF, you achieve 10,000 miles.

However, with Blue Def platinum you achieve 11,000 – 12,000 miles. The extra mile and increased DEF range that comes with Blue Def platinum is a huge innovation.

Winner: Blue Def platinum (11,000 – 12,000 miles)

4. Crystallization

There are tales of crystallization with regular DEF. There are no crystallizations with blue def platinum. The crystallization of regular def can pose a huge disadvantage to your system.

You wouldn’t want a clogged exhaust system. BlueDef does not crystallize and more importantly prevents the accumulation of deposits. This plays a huge role in the efficiency of your system.

BlueDef platinum comes with proprietary ingredients that prevent it from crystallizing in your exhaust after extensive usage.

Winner: Blue Def platinum

5. Maintains exhaust system

The need for Blue DEF platinum rose with the necessity to maintain the exhaust system and make it free of clogs and deposits. Blue DEF platinum maintains a higher hand on this over regular DEF. Because it is slightly impossible to remove these deposits unless you are ready to dissect the SCR, BlueDef platinum is the best preventive measure to maintain the exhaust system.

Blue DEF Platinum and Regular (2 key similarities)

1. Basic Formula

Regular DEF and BlueDEF platinum share the same basic formula. From the percentage of concentration between urea and water to the deionization of water, they have similar properties. BlueDEF platinum and Regular DEF share a combined composition of 32.5% Urea and 67.5% deionized water.

Both products are consumed in the SCR with impacts on the diesel engine.

2. Mechanism

BlueDef platinum and regular def work in similar ways. This is excluding the advanced shield mechanism that BlueDef platinum comes with. Most diesel engines released from 2010 came with an SCR.

The inclusion of selective catalytic reduction made it essential to include a diesel exhaust fluid. However, it became necessary to regulate the emission of these engines to safeguard the health of individuals, DEF became the perfect solution. Everybody deserves clean and fresh air.

How does Regular DEF and BlueDEF platinum work?

They work by injecting them into the exhaust system. With vaporization, decomposition, and breakdown that produces ammonia and carbon dioxide, the emission of harmful Nitrogen oxides is avoided.

BlueDef platinum and regular: which one to chose?

With the comparisons and review into these products, it is obvious that Bluedef platinum is better than Regular Def. The truth is, you can’t figure out how many deposits are built up in your SCR system. The best way to maintain a health system is to use BlueDef platinum as a preventive and maintenance measure.

The additional DEF range achieved by the Bluedef platinum is also an additional benefit over regular def.

people also ask

Does it matter what brand of DEF fluid I use?

Yes. The brand of DEF fluid you use matters a lot. Although all DEF brands must meet industry standards, your budget and expectations might not be the same.

We have popular chants of “All DEF is the same”, but we can’t vouch for the superiority of the product.

It is essential you stick with DEF brands that you are sure of their authenticity and performance.

Can you mix blue Def and blue def Platinum?

Yes. You can mix blue def and blue def platinum. This is as long as they meet the required specifications. All def fluids follow a similar formula and mechanism.

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There is no difference, or preferably just slight differences in their composition. This includes the anti-crystallization formula that BlueDef platinum comes with. However, you can mix both.


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