5 Best Replacement Shocks for Chevy Silverado –(buyer’s Guide)

Truck rides are much more different than other vehicle rides. Trucks are more durable than many other vehicles, that’s why truck owners don’t hesitate to go on such roads that are not good for cars. Those roads not only damage the car but also make the ride difficult for the driver.

After installing a good set of shocks, your truck may go through many kinds of shaking and bouncing when on the road, but you will barely notice any of it.

Most shock absorbers are a form of dashpot (a damper that resists motion via viscous friction). All latest shocks are very responsive, the quicker your suspension moves, the more resistance the shock gives.

Choosing the best shock for chevy Silverado with exact requirements is not an easy job. We’ve researched a little deeper in this subject to come up with a list that can help you to make the right decision for your Chevrolet Silverado.

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  1. Bilstein 5100 Front And Rear Shock Replacement For Silverado (Click here to view)
  2. Rough Country 2.5” Leveling Kit (Click here to view)
  3. AUTOSAVER88 Pair OEM Rear Left & Right Shock Absorber
  4. WULF 1-3” Front 3” Rear Lift Kit For Chevy Silverado (Click here to view)
  5. Rancho RS5000X Gas Shock Set (Click here to view)

Best Replacement Shocks For Chevy Silverado Reviews

1. Bilstein 5100 Front And Rear Shock Replacement For Silverado

ThyssenKrupp Bilstein is an international company that is renowned for its high performance and heavy-duty shock absorbers and struts. They are making monotube shocks since 1957.

This Bilstein 5100 Series Ride Height Adjustable Shock Absorbers will be the most economical and best way to level up your vehicle. These rear shock absorbers are premier designed shocks for lifted pickups, SUVs, and Jeeps. It features a zinc plated finish and black bellows corrugated boot and its monotube design, with a 46mm digressive piston feature will help to adjust to the road surface. 

With the help of its gas pressure technology, they provide excellent handling both on and off-road, while offering an astonishingly smooth ride. The other features, like the seamless tube design, will give superior strength with a longer lifespan and flexible built-in will give your truck a better look. Most importantly, their lifetime warranty will make your money worth it.

2. Rough Country 2.5” Leveling Kit

Rough Country started designing and building truck parts back in 1975. First, they had only focused on off-road shocks. But years later they started working their way into the lift kit market with the mission to offer affordable lift kits so you can go off-road on a budget.

With rough country’s 1.5 to 2.5 inches leveling suspended kit, you can give your truck a complete transformation at a budget price. This budget-friendly lift kit will allow you to fit 32-inches tires in pretty much any offset with no rubbing on clearance issues whatsoever, in addition to enjoying some overall ride comfort and performance off-road.

Though it’s a budget lift kit, yet its features list are not inferior. You will get new torsion keys upfront, so you can lift the front end nice and high. 

These torsion keys are potent than cast irons, that’s why they provide so much strength to keep every single thing not only leveled but locked as well. You will also get some lift lock outback. So, overall you’re going to get a better-looking truck. Last but not least, Rough Country’s Lifetime Replacement backs this GM leveling kit.

3. AUTOSAVER88 Pair OEM Rear Left & Right Shock Absorber

AUTOSAVER88 air springs hold excellence in reducing bounces and oscillations. With these shocks installed in your vehicle, you will get a more comfortable ride experience. They are very popular as high-quality shock absorbers designed to maintain the safety and better handling of your car.

The manufacturing company always follows a strict quality inspection system for these ISO-certified shocks to meet OEM specifications.

They can fit in many vehicles but officially considered as a perfect replacement for Cadillac, Chevy Silverado, and GMC trucks and SUVs. As they belong to the category of air shocks, so, they are capable of neutralizing the electric shock control of the original unit. These shocks have a superior quality of handling different driving situations. 

It also helps to distribute the whole weight to all tires which improves steering, braking, and tire wear. The spring increases the spring rate, and that enormously enhances stability.

4. WULF 1-3” Front 3” Rear Lift Kit For Chevy Silverado

If you want to install a leveling/lifting kit in your Silverado, you might face some problems.  One of the major problems is your old preinstalled Shock Absorbers might not be work anymore. Because of that, you can select the best shocks for Silverado with a leveling kit.

WULF has a good reputation for providing the best products at the best prices. This kit is specifically designed to hoist trucks. With its font kit, you can lift your vehicle 1-3”.

Moreover, the torsion keys are re-indexed in a way so that you can give your vehicle an adequate lift without overran the factor keys. These torsion keys are durably manufactured to resist all way of territories from sloppy dumped to the tarmacked street.

For your concern, we would like to add that; this kit also contains rear lift block and U-bolts which are stretched out with rear pro-camp premium shocks that are perfect for your Silverado. So, without any doubt we can it can enhance your vehicle performance and their lifetime support make it more reliable.

5. Rancho RS5000X Gas Shock Set

Ever since The Rancho RS5000X Shocker Absorber first came on the market, it has been a popular choice for light trucks and sport utility vehicles, A new redesigned and innovative shock from Rancho. They improved it by adding an all-new feature called DRS (Dynamic Rebound Spring) technology. 

The ride engineers at Rancho developed that unique proprietary process that utilizes a tuned metal spring that among other things to provide greater control, reduces body roll, and prevents rot overextension. As a bonus, the shocks can be had in both a stock length or on the extended length that offers 2-1/4-inch front and 4-1/4-inch in the rear, and that will help you to get rid of shock extensions and get a bit more sag in the rear.

Meanwhile, by installing The Rancho RS5000X Shocker Absorber in your vehicle, you will boost the performance of your car for any on or off-road driving.

6 Things To Consider Before Buying the Best Replacement Shocks For Chevy Silverado

While you will pick the Best Replacement Shocks, it isn’t unexpected to be confused. There are lots of shocks available out there in the market. Most of those are good, but you have to choose the right one for your vehicle. Here are the things to consider before you purchase it.

Replacement Shocks For Chevy Silverado buying chart

1. Compatibility

Compatibility gets the most priority; because it will be a total waste of money and time if the shock absorber doesn’t accommodate your vehicle. So, to keep away from these types of scenarios, check whether the shock absorber you are going to buy is perfectly compatible with the make and model of your vehicle.

2. Shock Style, Size, Shape

Alongside the compatibility, there has a lot of variety of sizes, styles, and shapes. You have to ensure your selected shock has the right size, style, and body. The best way to find out is to measure the shock. All shocks don’t come is the same size, especially on a set that works with a lifted truck. You may even need a mount conversion kit to adjust your new shocks.

3. Good Lifespan

When we buy something, we all want to get our money’s worth. By choosing a shock absorber with a long lifespan, you can give that to your money. It’s a tough job to tell how long a shock absorber will last base on some specifications. Still, some features like a comparatively thick piston, robust materials, and well-guarded (usually with a rubber boot) shaft help a lot to make a wise decision. Apart from this, the real customers’ feedback helps the most.

4. Material

Regardless of whether your shocks offer the best rides and control, they will not be helpful on the off chance that you need to transform them after each couple of thousand miles. That will additionally imply spending more money on the shock absorbers. So, be sure to check that your selected shock absorbers have been built from high-quality steel and also having a zinc or chrome coating. At the same time, aluminum shocks are adjustable and lighter, but pricier compare to steel types; still, many customers prefer them.

5. Ease Of Installation

If you plan on having the best replacement shocks for Chevy Silverado 2500hd professionally installed, then this won’t be a worry of yours. However, but if you are one of those vehicle owners that always prefer to do everything on their own, then you should go through the customer feedback to determine which one will be simple to swap.

6. Price

Quality, performance, and compatibility are the most significant factors to consider for a shock absorber, but this does not mean only a higher price will make it useful. Go through the review and specifications carefully to find out the best-performing ones within your budget.

What Are The Signs Of Bad Shocks?

  1. Rough ride: exhausted shocks can make your Silverado’s springs bounce more frequently than usual. As a result, the ride will be truly uncomfortable and rough. 
  2. Unusual noises from shocks: Shocks can create a clunking or unusual noise while going over bumps due to worn mounting bushings. 
  3. Cupping on tires: Shocks’ main job is to handle your vehicle’s wheels from bouncing because of the springs’ effect from bumps. But broken dampers are the reason for the tire to jump off the ground harder. Consequently, you may see high and low spots emerging over the tire track, known as cupping. 
  4. Leaking fluid: One of the reasons for the loss of fluid from the inside of your shock is a result of a leak. The leaking fluid indicates that the seals have broken and the essential fluids for proper operating are running down.
  5. Difficulty in handling and braking: Shock absorbers help to keep the vehicle’s balance during increasing speed and slowing down. When the shocks are bad, they may drive the vehicle to tip extra aside during turning. Also, the front of the vehicle may move to the front or rear. These cases can negatively affect the handling and braking system. 

How Long Do Shocks Last?

In short, most experts estimate the lifespan of a shock absorber to be somewhere in the range of 50,000 and 100,000 miles or between four to five years. However, it completely relies upon how you take care of your vehicle’s suspension and which types of roads you choose to drive. 

Experienced vehicle owners decide when to replace their shocks based on the signs of bad shocks instead of time and mileage.  

people also ask (FAQs)

How Long Does It Take To Change Shocks?

There is no fixed timing for that. Experienced motor mechanics can eliminate time limitations. Anyone with primary mechanical experience can change a shock within two to three hours. 

Do I Have To Replace All 4 Shocks At A Time?

Yes, if your shocks are more than four to five years of age and especially if you don’t often get free time to spend in the garage. Otherwise, you don’t need to replace them all at once. You can wait until they are showing any worn sign. 

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