[Detailed] What 275 60r20 Tire Is The Best For Ram 1500?

One of the, if not the most popular brand of trucks in the world, the Ram 1500s is a piece of work. The best trucks only need the best tires installed in them. The best 275 60r20 tires for Ram 1500 are:

  • Bridgestone DUELER HL ALENZA PLUS All-Season
  • Firestone Destination LE3
  • Continental TerrainContact H/T

As truck tires tend to be larger than regular ones, they have some special features to go with them. They are more durable than the tires of smaller motor vehicles, and they can endure harsher weather conditions better. Also, these tires have more aggressive tread designs as well as sturdy sidewalls that make them as durable as they are.

Buying the tires with the right dimensions is a must when it comes to trucks or any vehicles for that matter. The efficiency and endurance of the tire largely depend on whether the tire fits the rims perfectly or not. Let’s take a look at the perfect 275 60r20 tires for your Ram 1500.

Top 3 275 60r20 Tires For Ram 1500: Why Should You Buy Them?

Being the most famous truck in the world at the moment, the Ram 1500 from Dodge needs special treatment from owners. One of the best ways to ensure the truck behaves well is to install tires of the correct size and dimensions. Some very good 275 60r20 tires suit a Ram 1500 perfectly. These are-

top #1. Bridgestone DUELER HL ALENZA PLUS All-Season

Designed for every kind of season, the Bridgestone DUELER HL ALENZA PLUS All-Season makes sure your Ram 1500 gets as much traction as possible. Even if it snows outside, this tire will make driving the truck smoother than ever before. Bridgestone is famous for manufacturing tires of excellent quality, and the aforementioned tire is no exception to this.

Sometimes tires automatically heat up due to being used for thousands and thousands of miles. This heat can damage the tire and its components greatly. But the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus All Season has a technology named UNI-T AQII. This tech has a double-layered tread compound that keeps the tire soft and prevents heat from making the tire rigid.

There is another upside to the UNI-T AQII technology. This tech which keeps the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus All Season soft, also allows it to handle pretty wet roads. Even a moderately worn-down tire can easily run on a wet road due to this.

Stability is a great factor in determining whether a tire is good or not. The Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus All Season contains big shoulder blocks, as well as a continuous rib at the center. As a result, the tire’s stability, as well as its ability to respond quickly, is enhanced. It’s not very hard to drive a Ram 1500 even in a storm due to lateral notches present in the fairly wide circumference grooves.

Special Features:

  • Heat-caused damage prevention due to UNI-T AQII technology
  • Great Stability
  • Enhanced response time
  • Wide circumference grooves

top #2. The Firestone Destination LE3

Another top tire for a Ram 1500, The Firestone Destination LE3 suits the needs of the truck perfectly. Since trucks have to travel long distances in less than favorable weather, they need tires that withstand this stress and strain put on them. Not only does this tire is suited for all weather, but the weather is also perfect for most unforgiving terrains as well, such as snow.

Any tire that travels on rough terrains in even rougher weather, needs to be durable. The Firestone Destination LE3 is a very durable tire thanks to being built from a unique rubber compound. The treads of this tire are designed from this compound symmetrically that not only makes the tire durable but also ensures precise handling. Also, the tire offers a smooth ride for the drivers, because the driver’s comfort is paramount for any vehicle.

Sometimes, the performance of a tire deteriorates as it wears down. But the Firestone Destination LE3 has tread features that help it retain uninterrupted performance levels even if the tire isn’t in perfect condition. The tires don’t retain water in their treads thanks to treading patterns and open shoulder slots. That’s why a Ram 1500 with these tires will run on wet surfaces like it’s nobody’s business.

Tooptimize truck tires that run on unfavorable terrains, stability is a big issue. The Firestone Destination LE3 doesn’t suffer from instability because its internal structure has a polyester casing. This casing has been mated to a couple of belts made of steel alongside nylon reinforcements that provide not only stability but durability as well.

Special Features:

  • Suitable for all weathers
  • One-of-a-kind rubber compound makes the tire extremely durable
  • Open shoulder slots prevent water from being retained
  • Excellent stability

3. The Continental Terrain Contact H/T

Continental is a household name when it comes to manufacturing high-quality tires. They make tires for all kinds of vehicles. So, it’s no surprise that they made the Continental Terrain Contact H/T which is a top Ram 1500 275 60r20 tire. This tire isn’t made keeping off-road terrains in mind, but due to its sturdy build and versatility, it can easily travel on surfaces other than the highway.

If you are looking for a tire for your Ram 1500 that will perform at its best on the highway, you don’t need to look past the Continental TerrainContact H/T. This tire provides assurance even during the wettest and coldest weather that the drivers won’t face any difficulty traveling on the highway. Not only wet surfaces, but drier surfaces are also very well handled by this tire. When running on the streets, provides maximum comfort to not only the driver but people around them as well due to being extremely quiet.

One thing that goes somewhat against the Continental TerrainContact H/T is its performance off the road. Due to its durability, this tire can perform well when on rocky terrains or sand. But this good performance is limited to only when the conditions are mild. They don’t offer peak performance when there is deep snow, or the terrain is full of medium to large-sized rocks.

Special Features:

  • Specially made for highways
  • Suited best for rainy and snowy weather
  • Not suitable for extreme off-road conditions.

people also ask (FAQs)

1. What Size Tires Should I Put On My Ram 1500?

The Dodge Ram 1500 has a wide range of tires that can be put on it. The stock tire size of the truck is a Tradesman tire of 18 inches. But it’s not like only 18 inches tires are suitable for the Ram 1500. Tires from 17 to 22 inches all can be put on the truck.

2. What Tire Size Is Equivalent To 275 60R20?

The 275 60R20 is a tire size in the metric system. When it is converted to inches, the 275 60R20 tire size means the tire has a height of 33 inches as well as a width of 10.8 inches. These tires can be mounted on a wheel that has a diameter of 20. The tire’s circumference is 103.6 inches, which means that when traveling one mile, it revolves 612 times.

Final Words

The most popular truck in the world currently, the Dodge 1500 has a lot of tire sizes that it can fit. The 275 60r20 is one such tire size. The best 275 60r20 tires for Ram 1500 are made by Bridgestone, Firestone, and Continental.

All of these tires have different builds and traits that make them desirable to Ram 1500 owners for different reasons. For off-road purposes, the tires made by Bridgestone and Firestone are perfect, while Continental tires offer a better highway driving experience.

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