6 common IDM Failure Symptoms on 7.3 Powerstroke (Easy Solution)

Sudden loss of power, Poor fuel efficiency, Trouble starting, Inconsistent acceleration are The most common IDM failure symptoms on a Ford 7.3 Powerstroke.

There’s much more to it than that, though, as the IDM or Injector Driver Module is an incredibly important part of a 7.3 Powerstroke engine. In a nutshell, it controls the fuel ejection system and how much fuel gets in your engine at what times. You can know more about IDM from BuyAuTtoPart.

However, it’s easy to tell that IDM failure can cause many issues and can even cause accidents. So today, I’ll be going all over the 7.3 Powerstroke IDM failure symptoms, how to fix it, and more.

7.3 Powerstroke IDM Failure Symptoms
7.3 Powerstroke IDM Failure Symptoms chart

6 Symptoms to detect 7.3 Powerstroke IDM Failure

Before beginning with the most common IDM failure symptoms, you should take note that your IDM isn’t the only reason your car might not be starting up or having issues running.

There are tons of other parts that contribute to issues like this, such as the IPR sensor, which controls the oil pressure to the injectors. So you should look for both 7.3 powerstroke ipr sensor failure symptoms and IDM failure symptoms.

Here’s the list of all the common symptoms —

1. Trouble Starting

Getting out of your garage or starting your car when it’s completely still can be difficult if you have IDM failure as your engine won’t be getting fuel properly.  And it can take a couple of times for it to sync up. This can also be caused by a faulty IPR sensor, so make sure to check both.

2. Sudden Start and Restart

Suddenly starting or restarting is by far the most common IDM failure symptom. In this case, your vehicle will suddenly stop and restart when it was running fine just a while ago. The frequency of this happening decides how badly damaged your IDM is, so make sure to get a professional to check your IDM.

3. Engine Running Rough

If your engine steadily becomes rougher while it’s running, it’s a clear symptom of IDM failure. You can verify this even further if you can hear very loud noises when you start your engine or while the engine is running.

4. Complete Shut Down

If your IDM is incredibly damaged, you can have your engine completely shut down suddenly while it’s running. This is the absolute worst-case scenario, so it won’t happen too often, but if it does, you should definitely replace the IDM as soon as possible.

It can happen when your injectors don’t receive signals from PCM, causing the fuel not to reach the cylinders. This makes ignition impossible, so your engine quite literally won’t be able to start.

A bad glow plugin relay can cause this too, so make sure to check for 7.3 bad glow plug relay symptoms as well.

5. Random Power Cuts

This is similar to complete shutdowns, but this time it just randomly stops and begins again. It happens when your IDM isn’t able to receive signals properly and can’t fire the injector.

6. Related Trouble Code

After 7.3 Powerstroke IDM testing, you’ll get a few codes. If these include PO267, PO261, PO279, PO273, PO282, and PO611, you likely have problems with your IDM. This is a bit more technical, though, so you should stick to looking for the symptoms above first and use this as a last resort.

What Causes 7.3 Powerstroke IDM Failure?

IDM Powerstroke failure can be caused by many technical reasons. But the most common one is when your IDM is physically damaged, rusted, or corroded. Other than that, here are a few reasons that can cause IDM failure —

  • Damaged Parts

As mentioned earlier, damaged parts are the most common cause of IDM failure. Since it physically damages the mechanical parts, it can send false signals or malfunction.

  • Overvoltage

If the voltage of your car reaches a number higher than the regular amount, your IDM can fail. This happens because the IDM can’t handle a voltage that high and malfunctions.

  • Short Circuits

A short circuit can lead the IDM to malfunction because of the same reason as overvoltage, and it can cause overheating too. Since it can cause overvoltage and overheat simultaneously, it’s bound to make your IDM malfunction.

  • Dust Buildup

Most people neglect to dust their engine parts, but it can actually lead to IDM failure. So make sure to dust your engine every few weeks or months.

  • Rust

If you have rusty or old vehicle parts, it can interfere with the ignition system and cause IDM failure. So if you have heavily rusted parts, I’d recommend getting a professional to check if you need to replace them or not.

Can You Drive With 7.3 Powerstroke IDM Failure?

Although it is possible to drive with 7.3 powerstroke IDM failure, I highly recommend you not to drive with it. This is because when your IDM fails, it can cause your engine to suddenly stop while driving or be rough, which can lead you to lose control and get into an accident.

As this is completely random and you have no way of expecting it, the chances of you getting into an accident is very high. So the most you should drive with a faulty IDM is the road to your nearest car repair shop to fix or replace the IDM.

What To Do When 7.3 Powerstroke IDM Failure Symptoms Appear?

When you notice IDM failure symptoms, you should first get it checked by an expert and verify the issues. If the IDM is faulty, you should first see if you can fix it. If not, you should replace the IDM entirely. This will usually cost around 250$

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that you have a good idea about all the IDM Powerstroke failure symptoms, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions to clear any further confusion.

1. Are all 7.3 Powerstroke IDM interchangeable?

Yes, all of the 7.3 Powerstroke IDMs are the same and can be swapped out with any model of year truck. But make sure to take good care when removing them as you can damage them easily.

2. What does a 7.3 Powerstroke IDM do?

The IDM fires injectors after getting a signal from the PCM, which sends fuel to your engine. This basically determines how your engine will run and increases efficiency, but a faulty IDM can make your engine completely unfunctional as it won’t get fuel.

3. What is a PCM in 7.3 Powerstroke?

The PCM or Powertrain Control Module commands the IDM and sends signals to it to give the engine fuel. It’s one of the key parts of an engine, so if it’s faulty, then the IDM will be faulty too.

Take Away

Hopefully, now you have a good idea about 7.3 Powerstroke IDM failure symptoms. Rough engine, sudden starts or restarts, sudden stops, and power cuts are the most common symptoms. But parts like the PCM and IPR sensor also play a huge part in making the engine function.

So as a final note, I highly recommend you to check all your major engine parts, including the PCM and IPR sensor, for any symptoms. As they directly affect how the IDM works. If they don’t work, the IDM won’t work either.

If you do get a problem with these parts, you should immediately replace or fix them. With all that being said, good luck and cheers!

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