7 Common Symptoms of 5R110W Line Pressure Solenoid

A solenoid is what controls the fluid and makes it flow throughout the transmission system. 5R110W too comes with such a part and can be disturbed. While some are due to factory design flaws, some can be for incorrect voltage, leaks, dirty fluid, clogged filters, or damaged coils. How will you understand that the valves are having issues?

Abnormal shifting, delays, gear skips, gear being stuck, and loud noises can be some of the most common 5R110W Line Pressure Solenoid Symptoms.

Whatever you do, just make sure to find the root of the issues. Because one problem can be the result of other internal ones.

7 Common Symptoms of Bad 5R110W Line Pressure Solenoid

5R110W Line Pressure Solenoid Symptoms – 7 are most common

Even a small problem in the solenoid will notify you with a warning sign. You just have to detect it. Here are some of the symptoms of Bad 5R110W Line Pressure Solenoid. 

#1- Harsh, Delayed, And/or Abnormal Shifting

Solenoid of 5R110W regulates fluid pressure to engage the right gears accurately. However, tiny plungers or electromagnetic coils in the device may fail over time mostly due to continuous heat and vibration. For this, solenoid fails to open or close for shifting transmission or doesn’t receive proper signals. As a result, you experience harsh and/or delayed shifting. 

Sometimes, clogged filters and failing pumps can also make you encounter abnormal shifting. 

#2- Skipping Gears

Each gear mode contains one or more shift solenoids inside. If any of them fails, the transmission system will skip over the problematic gear to the next one directly. It’s simple to recognize the skip by taking a look at the board computer and checking the revs. The worn-out solenoid will lock the specific gear out and you can’t make the shifter move to that.  

#3- Downshift Or Upshift Difficulty 

Failing 5R110W Line Pressure Solenoids can cause the transmission to have upshift or downshift issues. It mostly happens when solenoid gets stuck in an open position because of valve body damage, dirty transmission fluid, or wiring issues. These can delay the shifting. Not just that, they can also prevent solenoid from moving upward or downward. 

#4- Stuck In Neutral

An impaired pressure control solenoid can lead the vehicle to be stuck in a certain gear. In such situation, you can’t move it to a different gear. Typically physical damage and contaminated transmission fluid are the reasons here. 

#5- Transmission Warning Light

Some Ford vehicles come with a transmission warning light. It should appear on the dashboard if there’s any problem. The light with a gear having an exclamation mark in the middle indicates issues in the transmission. It should also show a trouble code related to failing line pressure solenoid. 

Use an On-Board Diagnostic II scanner that reads generic and advanced trouble codes to understand the specific problem. 

#6- Going Into Limp Mode

Limp mode is a security function that activates when engine or transmission system senses a problem. It works to protect the vehicle from further damage by adjusting less important parts such as turning off AC or decreasing the speed.  When the line pressure goes out of range due to failing solenoid, it can make your transmission go into limp mode. 

#7- Loud Transmission Noises

You may hear grinding, clicking, or whining sounds when the vehicle is in a gear. Usually, the irregular pressure difference and clogged filter give off such loud noises. This can also happen when solenoid valves attempt to open or close or shift gears. 

most common 5R110W Line Pressure Solenoid Problems (And Fixes Table)

I wish one solution could solve all the problems with 5R110W Line Pressure Solenoid. Yes, there’s one, and that’s to get a new solenoid. But, you can’t do that for small issues, right? 

Here’s a table comprising common 5R110W Line Pressure Solenoid Problems and their solutions. 

Common Problem Easy Solution
Irregular PressureUse high-volume pump
Clogged/Damaged Transmission FilterClean the filter or have it replaced.
Contaminated Transmission FluidUse fresh and high-quality, ATF
Faulty Solenoid WiringRepairing or replacing wire
Coil Burnt OutReplace the coil
Valve LeakageClean the valve parts carefully.
Valve Doesn’t Open Or CloseCheck the power supply and act accordingly.

Several problems have several causes. Some are even connected. Hence the solutions will vary based on them. If you notice any of the above symptoms, the following problems can be a reason why 5R110W Line Pressure Solenoid isn’t working properly. 

  • Irregular Pressure 

Too high of solenoid-regulated pressure can lead to high clutch pressure and high line pressure that can result in rough shifting, broken components, and binds. Contrariwise, too low of the pressure can lead to low clutch pressure and low line pressure that can result in shift flares and slipping gears. 

Internal leaks or broken seals can be the reason behind irregular pressure. In case, pressures build slowly as the engine RPMs are increased, it can indicate that the pump is failing. 

In this case, consider using a high-volume pump that will ensure stable oil pressure. 

  • Clogged/Damaged Transmission Filter

When the debris builds up in the transmission filter, it can make the filter clogged. The most common causes are dust, small bits of metal, and contaminated fluid. Leaks in the transmission system because of damaged gaskets or seals can also cause the filter to clog. As a result, it hampers the function of 5R110W Line Pressure Solenoid. 

You can clean the filter with disc brake cleaner but I wouldn’t recommend that since a small wrong move can cause damage. It’s better to get it done by a technician. They can also change the fluid and gasket as well as install a new filter depending on the situation. 

  • Contaminated Transmission Fluid

Dirty fluid can also prevent 5R110W Line Pressure Solenoid from working properly. It’s commonly caused by metal components and heat. Because of this, it can weaken the solenoid response to signals sent from the power train control module. Plus, it can result in gears being stuck. 

However, the fix is simple. You just have to get the fluid flushed and replaced. Make sure to use high-quality ATF that doesn’t degrade easily.  

  • Faulty Solenoid Wiring

Sometimes solenoid wiring can be faulty due to design flaws in the 5R110W Line Pressure Solenoid. The failing of wiring means, solenoid won’t send the signal accurately, and gears won’t shift properly. 

For this, repairing the wire or replacing it can an efficient fix. 

  • Coil Burnt Out

Several reasons can cause the coil to burn out. Some of them include incorrect supply of voltage, slow coil armature, short circuits, and higher temperatures. Check the power supply. It should be supplied to the valve body and the coil accurately. This will help the coil get proper ventilation to dissipate heat. The power supply should also be compatible with the specification of the coil. 

However, burnt coil has no DIY fixes. You have to replace it with a compatible coil. You may need to change armatures too if damaged. 

  • Valve Leakage 

Leaks in the valve indicate buildups of dirt in orifices or on the valve seat. The debris can be particles of metals, sand, rust, and cuttings. Despite small fragments, they can prevent 5R110W Line Pressure Solenoid from working properly. 

So, make sure to clean the parts and pipes and be very careful while doing it.  

  • Valve Doesn’t Open Or Close

The possible reasons why the valve doesn’t open or close include power failure, incorrect supply of current, debris, rusting, irregular flow pressure, and missing equipment. 

So, you have to find the main cause and then take measures accordingly. 5R110W solenoid testing can be the primary step here. Check the power supply. The current, voltage, and frequency have to be correctly supplied to the valve while complying with their specs.

Make sure the valve gets the pressure it requires to run. Not just that, the connections should be properly installed. Clean the dirt if that’s what causing the issue in the solenoid.  

What Does It Cost To Repair/Replace Transmission Solenoids?

Repairing or replacing transmission solenoids can take anywhere from $15 to over $3,500 depending on vehicle and service. 

Single replacement can cost around $15 to $100. The pack will take from $50 to $700. It can be a 2 to 4-hour long job and can charge up to $100 per hour. In case the damage needs you to replace the entire system, it may cost you over $3,500. 

FORD Superduty ~5R110W Transmission~ Pressure Control Solenoid Replacement >> Check out the video below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Drive With A Faulty Shift Solenoid? 

No, it’s not recommended to drive with a faulty shift solenoid since it can cause the system to get more severely damaged. And if that happens, you may have to bear expensive repair charges. 

However, in case you aren’t prepared for the service yet, then you can continue driving for a while as long as the issue isn’t big. Fluid pressure control will function in the gear with the operating solenoid. Just note that it may not shift to the problematic gear, hence the skipping issue. Plus, make sure to avoid drag racing or towing, or anything that can put stress on the 5R110W transmission. 

What Kind Of Transmission Fluid Does A 5R110W Take?

Ford recommends Mercon SP or LV which is a friction-modified transmission fluid for 5R110W. 

It has premium base oils and additives that help with smooth gear shifting. The fluid also works well at different temperatures. Plus, it resists extreme conditions and oxidation. 

What Are The Common Problems Of 5R110W Transmission?

A failing pump is one of the common problems of 5R110W Transmission. Some others include a faulty gearbox, damaged line pressure solenoid, and overheated transmission fluid. 

Final Words

5R110W Transmission has some flaws in the design from the factory that can shorten its lifespan. So, it’s hard to say how long the device will last. 

Hence, I’d suggest that you keep the system well-maintained. Clean the valve carefully if it gets dirty. Use fresh fluid and change whenever necessary. 

In case you notice any signs, find the causes, and take steps according. This can be an apt way to deal with failing 5R110W Line Pressure Solenoid Symptoms.

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