265/75R16 vs 285/75R16 tires: how to chose the right size?

Choosing the right tire for your vehicle is crucial. Installing a tire that doesn’t fit with the rim or car body can be a devastating act. 

Tire size index helps to avoid such mistakes. Every tire has a couple of numbers mentioned on top of it. 

These numbers are called Tire size index. You can quickly decide if the a particular set of tire would fit your vehicle just by checking the tire size index. 

To explain the tire size index, we are going to do a comparison between 265 vs 285 tires in this article. 

We will start from the basic by explaining the Tire size index. Then, we will look at the specifications of the 265 75R16 and 285 75R16 tires. 

What Does 265 75R16 tires size Mean?

Let’s first breakdown the numbers mentioned in the Tire size index. 

The first number on the index (265) indicates the tire width in milimeters. That means, our first tire is 265 milimeter wide. 

The second number (75) reveals the aspect ratio of the tire which is measured by dividing the tire height with width and multiplying it with 100. 

Aspect ratio= (Height/Width) x 100

Aspect ratio involves the height of the tire sidewall (also known as profile). The higher the aspect ratio, the taller the sidewall. That means, 265 75R16 tire has a sidewall that is 75% as high as its width. 

The letter R on the tire size index reveals that the tire is a Radial construction type — which is the standard tire type in the current market. 

Radial construction tires, such as the 265 75R16, are made out of a mix of polyester, steel and fabric, and it is coated with rubber. These type of tires provide more grip, mileage and durability. 

The last number (16) states the rim diameter in inches. This means, the 265 75R16 tire is suitable for a 16 inches rim.

What Does 285 75R16 tires size Mean?

Now, you should be able to easily understand what the tire size index refers to. 

The only difference between the 265 75R16 and 285 75R16 tire is in the width size. You can confirm that just by looking at the titles of these two tires. 

285 tire is 20 milimeters wider than the 265 tire. This difference results in the 285 tire being taller and wider. The extra frame can give a lift of as much as 3 inches to the car body. 

In a nutshell, 285 75R16 means that this is a 285 milimeter wide tire with 75 aspect ratio. It has a powerful  Radial construction and it fits a 16 inches rim.

What’s the size of 265 75R16 Tire? 

  • Diameter : 31.6″
  • Width : 10.4″
  • Wheel : 16″ x 7-9″
  • Sidewall : 7.8″
  • Circum. : 99.4″
  • Revs/Mile : 638

265 75R16 tires are 31.6 inches in diameter. They have 10.4 inches section width and can fit 16 inches rims. The tire gives 638 revolutions per mile and has a 99.4 inches circumference. 

You can mount the 265 75R16 tires on 7”-9” wide wheels of passenger car tires and 7”-8” light truck tires.  

What’s the size of 285 75R16 Tire? 

  • Diameter : 32.8″
  • Width : 11.2″
  • Wheel : 16″ x 7.5-9″
  • Sidewall : 8.4″
  • Circum. : 103.1″
  • Revs/Mile : 615

285 75R16 tire comes with 32.8 inches diameter and 11.2 inches section width. It is the perfect fit for a 16 inches wheel. 

The tire has a wide 103.1 inches circumference with 8.4 inches sidewall. 285 75R16 is capable of providing 615 revolutions per mile.

what’s the difference between 265 and 285 tires?

Parameter245 75R16285 75R16Difference
Section width10.6 inch11.2 inch-0.6 inches
Overall diameter31.6 inch32.8 inch– 1.2 (7.8%)
Circumference99.4 inch103.1 inch– 3.7
Revs per km63861523
Sidewall height7.8 inch8.4 inch0.6 inches
Aspect Ratio75750

We will now compare between 245 75R16 and 285 75R16 tires to find out which one is more suitable for your vehicle. 

Here, our focus will be at the major differences that have a significant affect on your vehicle.

#1- Revs Per Mile

265 tire has 638 revolutions per mile, whereas, its competitor has 615 revs per mile. Lower RPM reduces the MPG and engine efficiency. Therefore, making you spend more on gas and maintenance. 

#2- Speedometer Reading

The 285 tire’s speedometer reading is off by 3.7% compared to the 265 tires. If accurate speedometer reading is non-negotiable for you, you should stick with 265 tires. 

#3- Speed Variance

When it comes to speed, 285 tire is roughly 3.6% slower than 265 tire. For better acceleration, it would be wise to go with 265 tires. 

#4- Lift 

285 tire has larger circumference and width compared to its competitor. It offers roughly three inches lift to the car body. So, If you want to customize the vehicle height, 285 tires is the one for you.

How to Choose The Right Tire Width?

It’s not obvious which tire width is right for your vehicle. And, choosing a wrong tire can be devastating. 

For example, just changing a 14” OE tire with a 17” aftermarket tire will create some major impact. First, the car body will lift 3 inches above the ground. It will affect the speedometer reading, and the car accelaration will be impacted as well. 

So, how do you choose the right tire for your vehicle? 

To get the perfect fitting tire for your rims, you can use a tire size calculator. You can match the rim size with the tire aspect ratio and width. 

Morever, there are a few important things that you should keep in mind when replacing the ires. 

  1. You must follow the guidelines and instructions of the vehicle and tire manufacturer. 
  2. You also need to follow the legal regulations and requirements. 
  3. The new tires should be able to perform full 360 rotation. 
  4. The tire’s internal side should be made out of radial or bias ply.

people also ask (FAQs)

What’s the difference between a 265 and a 285 tire?

The main difference between the 265 and 285 tires is the 20 milimeteres tire width.

Do bigger tires make speedometer faster or slower? 

Yes, increasing the tire size will decrease the speedometer reading. For example, 285 tire slows down the speedometer reading by 3.7% compared to the 265 tires. 

Can you put 285 tires on 265 rims? 

Yes, you can use the 285 tires on 265 rims. However, it’s not recommended and you may encounter rubbing issues.

What’s the next size up from 285/75r16? 

The next up size from 285/75R16 tire is the 295/75R16 tires.

closing thoughts

So, who is the winner in this battle of 265 vs 285 tires? In our opinion, 265 tire seems to be a better fit for most people. 

However, you may think different. A little customization might be more preferable for you. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Join the discussion by commenting below.

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