What’s The Difference Between 245 75r16 and 285 75r16 tire?

When you look at a fresh set of tires, you will quickly notice that there are a couple of digits and letters mentioned on top of it. 

Those digits explain the fundamental things that you need to know about that tire. 

You can pretty much decide if a particular set of tires would fit your vehicle just by looking at those numbers. 

Those digits are called tire size index. Each of these numbers point to a particular specification of the tire. 

So, how can you understand what these numbers refer to? Well, we are making this article just to serve that purpose. 

In this article, we will look at two sets of tires to fully understand what tire size index actually means. 

We will compare between 245 75R16 vs 285 75R16 tires to help you understand the differences between the two tires. We will also share a few tips to choose the best tire for your vehicle. 

Let’s start with the basics. 

What Does 245 75R16 Mean?

The first number on the tire size index refers to the width of the tire in millimeters. In this case, the width of this tire is 245 millimeters. 

The second number, 75, indicates the aspect ratio of the tire. The aspect ratio is calculated by dividing the height with width and multiplying it with 100. 

Aspect ratio= (Height/Width) x 100

Aspect ratio refers to the height of the sidewall (also known as profile) in percentage. Higher aspect ratio means the tire has taller sidewall. For this tire, aspect ratio 75 means that this tire’s sidewall is 75% as high as its width. 

Next, the letter R on the tire size index refers to the Radial construction — which is considered the standard tire type in the industry.

R indicates that the 245 75R16 tire is built with strong cords made from a mixture of polyester, steel and fabric, and it is coated with rubber. It also reveals that the tire is capable of offering more grip, gas mileage, comfort and durability. 

Finally, the last two digits refer to the rim diameter which is expressed in inches. The number 16 on this tire means that it will fit a 16 inches rim.  

What Does 285 75R16 Mean? 

As you can see, the second section of these two tires have the same title. Both of these tires have 75R16 mentioned on it. 

The 285 on the tire means this is a 285 millimeter wide tire. That’s the only difference between these two tires. 

In a nutshell, 285 75R16 means that this is a 285 millimeter wide tire with a 75% aspect ratio. It is made from Radial construction and it will fit a 16 inches rim. 

What’s the size of 245 75R16 Tire?

  • Diameter : 30.5″
  • Width : 9.6″
  • Wheel : 16″ x 6.5-8″
  • Sidewall : 7.2″
  • Circum. : 95.7″
  • Revs/Mile : 662

245 75R16 tire comes with 30.5 inches diameter, 9.6 inches section width and a 16 inches wheel diameter. 

The tire also has 95.7 inches circumference, 7.2 inches sidewall, and 662 revolutions per mile. 

What’s the size of 285 75R16 Tire? 

  • Diameter : 32.8″
  • Width : 11.2″
  • Wheel : 16″ x 7.5-9″
  • Sidewall : 8.4″
  • Circum. : 103.1″
  • Revs/Mile : 615

285 75R16 tire comes with 32.8 inches diameter, 11.2 inches section width and a 16 inches wheel diameter. 

The tire also has 103.1 inches circumference, 8.4 inches sidewall, and 615 revolutions per mile. 

245 75R16 VS 285 75R16 Tire Comparison: What’s the Differences

Parameter245 75R16285 75R16Difference
Section width9.6 inch11.2 inch-1.6 inches
Overall diameter30.5 inch32.8 inch– 2.36 (7.8%)
Circumference95.7 inch103.1 inch7.42 (7.8%)
Revs per km66261547 (-7.2%)
Sidewall height7.2 inch8.4 inch1.2 inches
Aspect Ratio75750

Now, let’s have a quick comparison between 245 75R16 VS 285 75R16 and find out which one is more suitable for your vehicle. 

Here, we wiill look at the major differences to see which tire is better. 

Revs Per Mile

245 75R16 tire has 682.67 revolutions per mile and the second tire has 615 revolutions per mile. Lesser revs result in lesser MPG from your vehicle. Thus, costing you more gas money. So, in regards to fuel economy, the 245 75R16 tire is a better choice. 

Speedometer Reading

When it comes to speedometer reading, 245 75R16 tire gives the accurate results. Whereas, 285 75R16 tire’s speedometer reading is off by -2.33/mph. And, this little difference in speedometer reading can be vital at times.

Speed Variance

245 75R16 tire has accurate speed variance. On the other hand, 285 75R16 tire’s speed variance is 7.2% slower. So, If you want more more acceleration, you should go with 245 tires. 

Diameter Variance

Again, 245 75R16 tire has accurate diameter variance. Whereas, its competitor is off by 7.75%. 

How to Choose The Right Tire Width?

We can’t stretch enough how important it is to get the right tire fit for your aftermarket tire. 

Let’s say, you are changing your 17” OE tire with a 14” aftermarket tire. First, this will make the car height will decrease significantly. It will also affect the speedometer reading, and the car accelaration will be hampered as well. 

To get the perfect fitting tire for your rims, you can use a tire size calculator. You can match the rim size with the tire aspect ratio and width. 

Apart from these, there are a few more important things that you should keep in mind when replacing the tires. 

  1. You must follow the guidelines and instructions of the vehicle and tire manufacturer. 
  2. You also need to follow the legal regulations and requirements. 
  3. The new tires should be able to perform full 360 rotation. 
  4. The tire’s internal side should be made out of radial or bias ply. 

people also ask (FAQs)

What size is 245 75R16 in inches?

The size of 245 75R16 tire is 30.5 inches. 

Which tire is taller 245 or 285?

285 tire is 2.36 inches taller than 245 tires. 

What is a 285 75R16 equivalent to?

285 75R16 is equivalent to a 32 inches tall tire. 

What size is bigger than 285 75R16?

295 75R16 tire is bigger than 285 75R16. 

245 75r16 And 285 75r16: closing thoughts

It’s time to give our verdict on 245 75R16 VS 285 75R16 tire comparison. Our vote goes to 245 75R16 primarily because of the accurate speedometer reading and speed variance. 

However, your decision might be different than ours. We would love to hear back what you think. Leave a comment below and let’s do further discussion. 

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